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41% of the French public think that nuclear energy is a sector that creates jobs in France

 That's true !  The nuclear industry represents 220,000 non-offshorable jobs.

#1 - A sector that  generate employment 

  • The nuclear sector is the third-largest French industry after the aeronautics and automotive sectors.
  • The nuclear industry in France represents more than 3,000 companies across the regions (SMEs, mid-tiers, start-ups).
  • The nuclear sector accounts for over 6.7% of jobs in industry.
  • Between 5 and 6,000 new hires per year in France for all types of profiles (from Bac/Bac Pro to Bac + 5).
  • A wide range of jobs and disciplines: welder, boilermaker, industrial electrician, safety engineer, logistics specialist, data scientist, etc.
  • A sector that supports work-study programs and the integration of young people (training schools, etc.).


#2 - A pool of  skilled  jobs

  • Men and women twice as highly qualified as the French industry average.
  • ⅔ of the industry's employees are supervisory, technical or management categories.
  • Unique skills and expertise recognized worlwide.
  • Skills maintained and reinforced through training schemes.


#3 A sector at the heart of  society's challenges 

  • Technologies and skills that are central to the energy transition and to tackling climate challenges, not to mention electric mobility, health with nuclear medicine, space, and the circular economy with recycling activities.

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