Policies on nuclear safety, occupational health and safety, radiation protection and the environment

Orano takes action every day to guarantee the highest level of safety and security at its facilities, with uncompromising standards. To uphold this commitment, it has deployed a continuous improvement method and shares a common culture of performance, vigilance and risk prevention across its organisation.

Nuclear Safety and the Environment

Harnessing and mastering the transformation of nuclear materials is Orano's DNA, safety is the first of our values, and reducing our environmental footprint is a priority.

A fundamental commitment

Operational excellence, as well as community engagement, are at the heart of the group's transformation and Orano's Nuclear Safety and Environment Policy, the priorities of which have been reformulated for the 2021-2023 period. This policy demonstrates the group's commitment to control the risks and impacts of its facilities and activities. Built on the continuous improvement process, on the basis of lessons learned, with the objective of achieving the best standards of nuclear safety and environmental protection, it revolves around 8 commitments:

  • operate facilities safely,
  • strengthen the performance of nuclear safety management,
  • develop leadership in nuclear safety and coworkers' skills in process safety,
  • maintain a dialogue of trust and reasonable commitment with regulatory authorities,
  • fight against global warming, and anticipate its impact,
  • build a responsible and committed future,
  • control discharges from facilities and protect the environment from any significant impact,  reduce the group's environmental footprint.

Performance measurements

To monitor developments in nuclear safety and the environment, the group uses macro-objectives and performance indicators. The goal is to have a limited number of indicators that make it possible to assess the Policy's effectiveness and its implementation according to each of the 8 commitments and 16 associated priorities for action. These indicators are issued at a defined frequency and give rise to systematic reporting to the group's governance bodies.

Health, Safety, Radioprotection

It is Orano's people who make our group strong. The Health, Safety and Radiation Protection Policy demonstrates the commitment of Management and the Executive Committee to prioritize protection of the mental and physical health of Orano's employees, by providing them with safe and healthy working conditions which prevent work-related injury and ill health.

A culture of vigilance shared by all

Orano's Health, Safety and Radiation Protection policy has been renewed for the period 2021-2023. It is an integral part of the group's transformation, founded on operational excellence and community involvement, and revolves around 4 commitments to achieve the best standards in health, safety and radiation protection:

  • guarantee a uniform level of primary prevention to all the group's employees and contractors,
  • strengthen and exert more reliable control over operations,
  • evolve with innovative practices to protect the health and safety of employees,
  • improve the group's performance by sharing experiences.
The macro-objectives and the commitments of this policy are monitored and applied on a daily basis.

Our performance

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