Maintenance and specialized support services

Orano is a leading player in facilitating and optimising nuclear facility supervision and management, whether during the operational stage, for maintenance or at the end-of-lifecycle. The Group offers operational assistance services and implements site assistance, specialised maintenance and handling operations on all equipment.
Services for EDF with maintenance and assistance connected with operating nuclear installations of Paluel Services for EDF with maintenance and assistance connected with operating nuclear installations of Paluel © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Exclusive know-how in maintenance and assistance connected with operating nuclear installations

Key figures

●      Nearly 2,000 specialised employees

●      Servicing on over twenty nuclear sites in France

Support in operating nuclear facilities

To guarantee optimal performance and safety of operations, whether at the nuclear power plants or other facilities in the nuclear fuel cycle, the teams at Orano contribute primarily at two levels:
● Industrial maintenance at facilities, including upkeep and operational maintenance of sensitive equipment: lifting equipment, large nuclear components, etc.
● Servicing and site assistance logistics, upon delegation by the nuclear operator who entrusts Orano with on-site logistics activities: scaffolding installation and removal, tool management, radiation protection control, facility cleaning, etc.


Each activity requires secure access

ItsMyJob: Ghislain Thomasseau, scaffolding team leader, Orano DS EDF nuclear plant, Chinon Orano DS

Differentiating maintenance and support services

Providing support to operational steering

The management of nuclear projects and the operational follow-up of construction sites is Orano's primary know-how. Through scheduling, project planning and coordination, advice and technical assistance services, the work of the project management and contracting teams is facilitated and optimised during the works. They are also specially trained to ensure the safety of construction sites and installations.

360 report : with the Orano DS teams at the Belleville nuclear power plant

© Orano

Specialized maintenance at all levels

Specialized in mechanical and handling operations on nuclear equipment and facilities, Orano offers mechanical maintenance on large components, lifting devices, valves, rotating and special machines, as well as boiler making. Through specialized cleaning, surface and material treatment services, the teams also perform mechanical and chemical contamination removal on pools, circuits and exchangers. Others are in charge of maintaining and operating the lifting equipment (bridges, gantries, etc.) and civil engineering operations such as the separation of concrete structures.

Assistance services at laHague, France Assistance services at laHague, France Orano

Helping maximise the efficiency of operations

Orano provides assistance to its clients so that they can successfully operate a wide range of assistance services, supporting the operation and management of nuclear facilities during operation, maintenance or end-of-life: internal logistics with flow management and package handling, operation of nuclear workshops and warehouses with tool maintenance, management of operational waste (clothing, gloves, used tooling, etc.), but also management of activities in support of production, such as the laundery chain or cleaning facilities.

Enabling projects to come to a successful close

A thorough understanding of nuclear facilities is one of the sources of added values which Orano brings to its customers, offering servicing logistics to the plants, both while in operation or during shutdown periods. From the installation and removal of scaffolding for work at heights, from thermal insulation to surface preparation (brushing) or internal site transport management, Orano flawlessly executes all technical operations on its customers' sites.

Activities of services for EDF support for the operation of the nuclear power plant of Paluel Activities of services for EDF support for the operation of the nuclear power plant of Paluel Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Ensuring radiological safety in a nuclear environment

To guarantee the safety of personnel working in environments subject to tight radiological constraints, Orano offers its customers a range of innovative services and solutions for monitoring, measuring and periodically verifying their radiation protection at all phases of activity, as well as awareness-raising for operators. To ensure that the Group fulfils all its responsibilities, specially-allocated teams carry out a full range of studies, and produce mappings of the irradiation and contamination sites, as well as run preliminary dosimetry studies. As to the radiological inspection equipment, it is subject to regularly testing.


Manuela is a portable device developed by Orano Dismantling and Services to perform radiological and topographic measurements at nuclear sites. © Orano

Strengths to ensure the sustainability of the activity and installations

Responsive, skilled teams, always ready to respond

Found at each of the nuclear sites in France, Orano’s teams boast in-depth understanding of the facilities and work in line with the principles of continuous improvement, with the vital support of engineering and methods. Constantly working in search of innovative solutions at the best cost and in the interest of the customer, the maintenance and support teams offer services integrated into the production processes. Day in and day out, they successfully take up the key timeline, safety, security, cleanliness and waste reduction challenges.

Accreditations and certifications
● ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Certifications
● CEFRI – E Certification
● CEA CAEAR Acceptance for Domain 2 and Domains 3.1, 3.2 and 4.2
● CAEAR Acceptance for Orano
● MASE UIC Certification (Orano Cotumer)
● EDF UTO Qualifications
● Orano Supplier Accreditation
● OARP Accreditation
● Framatome Accreditation  
● COFRAC Accreditation ISO 17025 (Creys-Malville and Orano DA laboratories) 
● AFNOR Certification - asbestos processing operation conducted in France 

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