Suppliers relations

Purchasing is a strategic initiative for Orano

To meet our customers’ requirements, we need various raw materials, supplies and services.

Our purchasing policy is built on four basic principles:

  • To analyze markets and build up a worldwide panel of suppliers
  • To guide all processes involving suppliers
  • To Involve our suppliers in a continuous improvement approach
  • To guarantee the effectiveness of the sourcing function by continuously monitoring its performance


The Supply Chain Purchasing Department is responsible for:

  • defining the corporate purchasing policy and controlling its implementation
  • setting up common procedures and tools to leverage best practices
  • seeking the best sourcing opportunities
  • negotiating and deploying frame agreements to be used by all entities
  • committing our suppliers to sustainable development


General terms and conditions of Purchase

The General terms and conditions of Purchase will apply for the Orano group French entities from June 1st, 2018.
  • General terms and Conditions of Purchase 2018
  • Simplified General terms and Conditions of Purchase 2015
  • Simplified General terms and Conditions of Purchase 2018
  • General terms and Conditions of Purchase 2015

Sustainable Supplier Relationship Charter

Since December 2, 2021, Orano has signed the “Sustainable Supplier Relationship Charter” ( and in this respect demonstrates a desire to implement a continuous improvement plan with its partners and respecting the rights and duties of each.

This commitment is supplemented by the appointment of an Orano internal mediator, which can be seized by our suppliers when a situation could not be resolved through amicable negotiation. The internal mediator will seek a concerted solution that suits both parties. He can be reached at

With many dynamic markets in the U.S., the needs of Orano are dramatically expanding in many areas.

Orano’s approach to purchasing is to widen and optimize the scope of its suppliers by selecting the best technical and financial solutions.

To meet the requirements of local or international projects and satisfy our customers, long-term partnerships are established with certain suppliers.

Orano favors its providers’ continuous improvement and creativity by stating in its contracts the expected performance, costs, and time limits. Joint design initiatives are highly sought and sustainable development standards required.

In order to get the most of its procurement practices and widen the scope of its suppliers and partners, Orano invites you to complete a questionnaire providing information about your company, its expertise, references and certifications.

Please note that some fields (quality references and financial information) are mandatory.

Orano is committed to responding as quickly as possible, whatever the outcome of your application.
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