A performance culture

At Orano, performance has taken the form of a managerial and cultural revolution, serving competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
EO Vue encadré Indicateurs de performance

Managerial transformation

Managers provide support as the performance culture is deployed, with a very clear roadmap: being on the ground, working alongside their teams, focusing on listening to meeting client needs, developing a problem-solving culture, ensuring standards are enforced and identifying sources of waste...

The organisation at Orano has been considerably simplified with short decision-making channels based on Business Units managed as profit centres and focused on business issues. It contributes, with digital transformation, to serving agility and performance.

Stakeholders such as suppliers or customers are involved in the Group's performance gains.

Cultural transformation

Around the spirit of continuous improvement, Orano encourages initiative-taking and bringing out ideas, and encourages change and flexibility, autonomy and upskilling. The Group is rolling out these changes, all the while remaining unbending on quality, nuclear safety, compliance with standards and procedures. They open up a whole new range of prospects for Orano around cohesion and team spirit.

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