Vocational training in the nuclear environment

At Orano, employees each actively shape their professional pathway

In a time of demographic renewal, group transformation and the search for operational excellence, skills management is a strategic challenge for Orano. Special attention is thus paid to the range of vocational training offered to group employees and available to them throughout their career.


Training at Orano

of Orano employees have access to training/year
training courses offered to employees
hours of training in France/year
34 hours
of training per employee/year
million annual budget dedicated to training in France/year

2,700 training courses are offered to Orano employees to promote integration into the company or support them as they develop their skills and responsibilities. The offer is structured along reference “pathways” combined with independent modules so that they can adapt as best possible to each employee's needs.

A significant proportion of the training is dedicated to scientific and technical learning in the fuel cycle professions. The reference training courses are offered in nuclear physics as well as in chemistry, mechanics, calculations, methods, safety or project management. Training also extends into new areas connected with digitisation, from manufacturing to mass processing of industrial process data. 

Integration and professionalisation pathway

To maintain and develop the skills specific to the company, Orano draws up a Skills Development Plan each year. It is built on the basis of the individual needs collected during annual performance reviews between employees and their managers. It is also inspired by the conclusions of the annual skills reviews, now conducted in each site and business unit. The approximately thirty “Pathways” can be used to initiate or progress in the company’s main activities, at different career stages.


Schools and organisations serving training

École des métiers

Created in early 2018, Ecole des Métiers is dedicated to promoting and developing the Group's technical training. Addressing key challenges such as developing and maintaining skills, the École des Métiers ensures that all employees are able to gain, pass on and adapt scientific and technical skills, as well as skills in the fields of Safety, security and the environment. It also designs regulatory and project management training.

École du management

The Management School is where employees gain skills in management and assistance to Support functions.

An open venue dedicated to sharing experiences, The Management School develops and deploys special development programmes connected with the managerial values and behaviours expected in the Group, in line with the “Orano 2025” company plan. It encompasses all of the Group’s managerial training programmes for all audiences and cross-functional training, particularly in the areas of Finance, Trade, Human Resources, Communication, Ethics and Compliance. It offers an entirely revamped and regularly changing training offer tailored to the Group’s new management modes and transformation challenges.


Trihom is an Orano Group training organisation. Trihom boasts a national network of agencies and an engineering department for innovative and tailor-made teaching content solutions. The French leader in regulatory and compulsory training in the nuclear sector, Trihom offers a complete range of training courses for all nuclear environments: regulatory training, handling and lifting, engineering, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), professions and technologies, radiation protection, etc.

Trihom has 30 years of experience and 17 centres throughout France to train and meet the needs of over 1.200 customers.

Learn more about Trihom

Mining College

Designed for engineers, executives and technicians working in all mining professions, Mining College provides training in health, safety, radiation protection, CSR and performance through more than 25 theoretical and practical training courses to deepen its knowledge, develop and gain new skills.


Innovative methods and techniques

Support from business networks and experts

The educational programmes are designed jointly with the business line leaders, Orano experts and central departments in order to identify and better manage critical skills, to respond to skills management challenges and ensure the programmes are cross-functional. Training relating to Safety, security and the environment are developed with the HSE Department, while project management training as produced with the Orano Projects business unit. All programmes are then made accessible to all Group employees.

Digital Learning: from personal development to performance

New teaching methods using digital resources have emerged to foster effective, dynamic learning, including remotely. More than 500 digital training modules are offered to employees, with a variety of media, from serious games to virtual reality, e-learning, rapid learning and videos, but also forums, virtual classrooms, assessments, quizzes, and many digitised media.

The Training Lab

Knowledge management is particularly important to ensure that the knowledge and know-how of the 250 or so professions contributing to the Group’s activities are effectively passed on. Toward this end, Orano organises Training Labs. Fully-equipped with hardware (PC, GoPro camera, microphones, etc.) and software, employees can produce training content available in rapid learning, e-learning, videos, etc.

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