Orano Venture Fund

A path to a sovereign, sustainable and industrial transition.

Orano commits to fostering innovation in the deeptech ecosystem by launching its Venture Fund powered by Supernova Invest.

A bold vision for a wider cooperation with deeptech startups


Orano reinforces its cooperation with deeptech pioneers, with the purpose to support a sovereign and sustainable industrial transition.

As a key player in the nuclear fuel cycle, Orano aims to leverage the expertise of deeptech startups to:

  • Accelerate industrial transition by enhancing and sustaining our capabilities
  • Explore new activities by accessing new markets

Our mission: investing in deeptech

Orano Venture Fund invests in the most promising European deeptech startups (Seed, Serie A) in alignment with Orano’s strategic vision. Beyond a traditional investment, Orano provides its expertise and access to unique industrial infrastructures, enabling the selected startups to become high-growth and high-impact companies.

Focus areas

Orano Venture Fund focuses on startups that are developing cutting-edge technologies and circular processes and which positively impact the environment in the three following areas.

Cutting-edge technologies for industrial performance & safety

Technologies for advanced engineering

Technologies for advanced engineering


Sustainable chemistry & next gen. circular solutions

Orano’s assets

The global challenge of moving away from fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil) and geopolitical concerns means that nuclear energy is back at the heart of the political agenda. As stated by the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, COP28

rightly sees nuclear energy as part of the solution for deep decarbonization". 

Key Figures

50+ years
Industrial experience
Best-in-class industrial sites
International implementation
Successful cooperations with deeptech startups
Scientific and technological experts
Research and testing centers

You are a deeptech startup?

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