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As a recognized international operator in the field of nuclear materials, Orano delivers solutions to address present and future global energy and health challenges. Its expertise and mastery of cutting-edge technologies enable Orano to offer its customers high value-added products and services throughout the entire fuel cycle. Every day, the Orano group’s 16,500 employees draw on their skills, unwavering dedication to safety and constant quest for innovation, with the commitment to develop know-how in the transformation and control of nuclear materials, for the climate and for a healthy and resource-efficient world, now and tomorrow. Orano, giving nuclear energy its full value.
groupe-industriel-international Conversion plant of the natural uranium in UF4, Malvési, France. © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Value creation for customers and society

Orano is an internationally recognized group with unique expertise throughout the entire nuclear fuel cycle.
€3.7 Bn
Revenue of 3,8 billion euros
of revenue from international customers
Top 3
Global Top 3 in our key activities
employees (13,000 in France)
industrial sites in France
€300 M
invested in the safety of the facilities

High value-added services

Present in the entire nuclear fuel cycle, Orano has unique expertise in each of its activities. From mining to decommissioning and including conversion, enrichment, recycling, logistics, engineering and radiological medicine, Orano is a center of excellence in the nuclear industry, especially in technology and safety.

2020 Orano highlights – our successes in a nutshell, serving our customers all around the world
© Orano
Throughout the entire nuclear fuel cycle, Orano provides its customers worldwide a unique expertise in each of its activities. From mining to decommissioning, Orano creates value through innovation and operational excellence, providing reliable, low carbon and competitively-priced electricity.
Committed to being a long-term reliable partner for its customers, Orano meets their expectations and requirements all around the world.
Orano fields of expertise and business solutions for utilities and customers worldwide
© Orano
Our unique and internationally-recognized expertise in the nuclear fuel cycle enables us to offer our customers efficient products and services that are adapted to their needs, right across the cycle. Such expertise provides the foundation for the relationship of trust that we have built up over time with our customers.
  • Business Solutions, July 2021

The creation of value for customers and the whole of society

The ability to address the major challenges of tomorrow

Thanks to its mastery of the entire nuclear fuel cycle, Orano contributes to the production of low carbon electricity while ensuring security of supply and competitiveness of electricity production both in France and internationally.

Tomorrow’s global challenge: doubling electricity production and simultaneously halving the production of greenhouse gases.

A company that gives nuclear all its value

Orano operates industrial sites that are among the most modern in the world, in particular its Comurhex II uranium conversion plant and its Georges Besse II enrichment plant. The group also has facilities that are global benchmarks, such as the recycling sites of La Hague and MELOX. Orano offers high value-added services to its customers in engineering, logistics and decommissioning. Its technical skills combined with processes at the cutting-edge of innovation, but also best practices in terms of safety and security, give it optimal control over its environmental footprint. These strengths have enabled it over the years to forge a relationship of trust with its French and international customers.

Orano, refocused on nuclear fuel, is at the center of a responsible energy goal.

The Orano group in figures

  • Revenue: 3,684 million euros
  • Order book: 29 billion euros
  • 16,500 employees worldwide
  • Global Top 3 in our key activities

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Breakdown of 2019 revenue by region

Breakdown of 2020 revenue by business

Breakdown of 2019 revenue by business

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Net cash flow from company operations in millions of euros

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