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360 Report:TN®G3, a brand new packaging
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Orano PeopleMartial Levaillant, sculptor and boilermaker
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A new stage commencesfor the COMINAK mine in Niger
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Eh oui... Le #nucleaire est pilotable et produit une énergie bas carbone ! Un mix équilibré, c'est du nucléaire et des ENR. En baissant la part du nucléaire …
Orano finalizes dismantling of the experimental reactor Ulysse at Saclay
World leader in recycling used nuclear fuels
As the world's leader in reprocessing and recycling used nuclear fuels, Orano offers its expertise in the recovery and re-use of nuclear materials.
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Performance & Competitiveness
4.0 On the road to Nuclear Plants 4.0
Impact of Covid-19 on operations contained - Solid liquidity position
Toujours la pédagogie... NON, le #nucleaire ne contribue pas au dérèglement climatique OUI, c’est une énergie bas carbone qui émet 80 x moins d’équivalent CO2 que …
Unpacking nuclear
Nuclear energy, France's 3rd-largest industrial sector
Appointment of Claude Imauven as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Orano group
All about the IPCC report on climate change
Nuclear medicine
2 units working on the production of high purity lead-212 in France (LMT) and the United States (DDPU)
Le #nucleaire nucléaire, bas carbone et pilotable, allié des #EnR pour réduire le réchauffement climatique
Les idées reçues sur le nucléaire Découvrir le site
700 Orano experts across the world
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Annual year results2020
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EMTN Progammefor 2020
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What have we achievedin 2020?
2020 highlights

The expertiseAll along the nuclear fuel cycle

Innovating to meettomorrow’s challenges


1000 new talents hired on permanent contracts in 2019

Top 3 Global Top 3 in our key activities



A vision
for the future,
an expertise
across the entire
fuel cycle
and the ambition
to give nuclear energy
its full value.


Orano Talents

Collective intelligence is a mainstay of Orano. As a central component of our organization, it creates relationships that are demanding, like our activities, while enhancing our employees’well-being. It enables them to progress in their job and construct a well-planned career in a broad range of activities. It contributes to training and the acquisition of new skills in approach aimed at excellence.

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