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A first in France,Orano's new stable isotopes laboratory
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Mr. Jean Castex French Prime Minister,inaugurates the Extractive Metallurgy Innovation Center (CIME) of Orano
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Nuclear: a breeding ground for innovationoffering valuable resources for startups!

Nuclear: acting
for the climate

The need for electricity has never been greater all over the world, but at the same time it has become crucial to limit our greenhouse gas emissions by opting for low-carbon sources of energy. Nuclear energy is an important part of the answer to combat global warming!


The expertiseAll along the nuclear fuel cycle

  • Mining


    Our mining operations cover uranium exploration, production and marketing worldwide, as well as the remediation of former mining sites.

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  • Conversion


    Conversion involves purifying and processing uranium ore. This stage is carried out in our Philippe Coste conversion plant known for its modernity.

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  • Enrichment


    To be used as a nuclear fuel, natural uranium must be enriched. This stage takes place in the largest enrichment plant in Europe: Georges Besse II.

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  • Recycling


    Thanks to the performance of its la Hague and Melox plants, Orano is the recognized international leader in the reprocessing and recycling of used fuel.

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  • Decommissioning


    Orano has 50 years of experience in radioactive waste management and dismantling equipment at nuclear sites, or end-of-life facilities.

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  • Supporting operations


    Orano is a benchmark supplier in the field of operations support for nuclear sites: work-site logistics, specialized maintenance and radiological security.

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  • Engineering


    Engineering operations involve engineering consulting services, contracting and project management assistance, design and construction engineering, plant commissioning and operational support.

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  • Nuclear Packages and Services


    Throughout the fuel cycle, Orano provides its unique expertise in the design, certification and production of casks, as well as the associated transport.

  • Nuclear Medecine


    Orano Med – a subsidiary of Orano – is a company that brings together biotechnologies and nuclear technology to develop new therapies to fight cancer.

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Orano Talents

Collective intelligence is a mainstay of Orano. As a central component of our organization, it creates relationships that are demanding, like our activities, while enhancing our employees’well-being. It enables them to progress in their job and construct a well-planned career in a broad range of activities. It contributes to training and the acquisition of new skills in approach aimed at excellence.

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