A company people are happy to work for

Our goal is to make our company an environment where everyone finds meaning in their work, feels engaged in a positive collective undertaking and can develop personally through our shared values. We create an attractive, inclusive and innovative environment, aligned with our lives today and forward thinking for our lives tomorrow!

Innovative and collaborative work methods


We respond to the promise of new start-ups with agility and collective intelligence! We are digitizing work methods and deploying collaborative tools. We encourage our employees to challenge the status quo, think out of the box and innovate to bring continuous improvement to the company.

  • Digitized workspaces designed for new work methods

  • A culture based on delegation, responsibility and innovation

Work life balance and integration


We promote balance between our employees’ personal and professional lives and defend the right to dis-connect! We do everything we can to make your work environment a source of motivation, personal accomplishment and personal growth.

  • Telework options exist throughout the company and may be available to you, depending on your discipline or trade and work location
  • Flexibility to attend to personal and family matters
  • Specific programs and accommodations per country for maternity, paternity and parental leaves

Gender equality:a vector for performance

The only discriminatory criteria in the Group are skills! We aren’t just paying lip service to giving women everything they need to succeed! Starting with professional equality. Orano is also committed to feminizing recruitment and pays particular attention to the professional development of women and their career advancement

  • All Group companies have an index  of professional equality, greater than or equal to 84/100 for a threshold of 75/100.
  • 200 women participants in talent development programs
  • 100 active women members of the “Women & Talent” mentoring program
  • Close to 200 women beneficiaries of the salary equality budget each year, to make up for unjustified pay differences
  • 2022 objective: more than 35% of permanent contract recruitment is among women and 40% of trainees are women
  • 32% of management committee members are women

“Women & Talents”: Program for women

This program offered in France, aims to support and mentor women to prepare them for management positions, particularly in industrial environments. 

At Orano, all industrial professions are open to women

Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity is a key value at Orano. It is based on a commitment and on actions taken to fight against all forms of discrimination, ensure equality between employees and embrace all forms of differences. 

  • Diversity label: awarded by Afnor (French National Standards Institute) starting in 2010 and renewed for Orano in 2020
  • Orano adheres to the LGBT charter and has joined #StOpE, a French initiative to end sexism in companies
  • 700 employees with disabilities among Orano’s personnel in France
  • Orano sites world-wide strive to enhance and have developed their own programs to work towards Orano Group’s gender and diversity and inclusion objectives, while adapting and taking into account the communities and environments surrounding their work locations

Competitive Total Rewards Packages

In addition to providing a competitive base salary, the salary policy of the Orano Group takes the individual performance of each employee into account. It also includes collective measures, with incentives and profit sharing. Inventions and employee referrals are also compensentated through specific bonus programs remunerated in the form of bonuses. 

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