Committed, supportive partnerships

Orano actively encourages its teams to take part in solidarity and corporate philanthropy initiatives, in favor of a more sustainable world. For this reason, the partnership policy of the Group focuses on three areas: low carbon energy and biodiversity, the fight against cancer, and innovation, in line with its commitments and purpose. It complements existing volunteer schemes such as O'Share and Orano Solidaires.

Mobilized to foster low-carbon energy


As well as contributing to the production of one of the very lowest CO2-emitting energy sources, Orano is committed to promoting universal access to affordable, reliable and environmentally-friendly electricity.

Team for the Planet: France's biggest citizen community dedicated to climate protection

Logo-time-planetTeam For the Planet is a citizens' movement devoted to the fight against climate disruption. It aims to detect, scientifically evaluate and then deploy 100 innovations capable of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, the community already counted 100,000 shareholders and reached 9,000 metric tons of CO2 saved or captured in high-emission sectors.

By partnering with TFTP, Orano hopes to accelerate the deployment of the movement by enabling it to invest in a larger number of projects.

TFTP offers our employees the opportunity, for those who wish, to join the team of "assessors" and help select relevant innovations for building a carbon neutral world. This collective intelligence fits in perfectly with our desire to place our employees at the heart of our partnership approach, Laurence Gazagnes, Senior Executive Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment.

Engaged in the fight against cancer

Drawing on its expertise in cutting-edge nuclear materials and technologies, Orano has launched Orano Med, its medical subsidiary dedicated to developing a new generation of targeted therapies against cancer.

As a natural development of its commitment to health, formulated in its purpose statement, Orano has chosen to join forces with other players in the fight against cancer.

The mission of CAMI Sport & Cancer is to develop sports therapy programs for cancer patients. The partnership with Orano aims to support the four Sport & Cancer centers within the Institut Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer research and clinical practice hospital. CAMI sports therapy programs will also be set up in hospitals in areas close to Orano's sites.

Our goal is to enable a greater number of patients to benefit from treatment to improve their health and well-being.
Orano's aim is to support CAMI so that it can expand and sustain its activities in France, with the support of medical teams at the Group's sites. This partnership ties in with our cancer research activities. Prof. Pierre Laroche, Head of Health, Safety and Radiation Protection for the group.

Innovating for a sustainable future!

Through the Innovation action area, the Group wishes to work with great partners in the ultra-innovative and dynamic ecosystem formed by Industry 4.0 and deep tech start-ups, as well as internationally recognized actors in Business Innovation.

In particular, Orano has joined forces with the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, a major international deep tech event aimed at finding solutions to major climate, societal and industrial challenges.

Focus on O’Share: the skill-based sponsorship program

The situation in the job market is paradoxical at the present time: while the economic recovery is underway and companies are experiencing recruitment difficulties, some jobseekers are struggling to find work. This is why Orano is committed to supporting the inclusion of people who are out of touch with employment.

To this end, each employee is given an annual credit of 8 hours of his or her working time to support the beneficiaries of 27 associations supported by Orano. This program began in June 2022.

With O'Share, we hope to facilitate the mobilization of employees in the service of access to employment for the most vulnerable, Nathalie Neyret - Orano Head of Diversity and Inclusion  

Orano Solidaires: serving those in greatest need

Launched in 2020 against the backdrop of the health crisis, the Group's association aims to provide support to people in need, particularly in emergency situations.

In 2022, a total of €111,000 was thus donated to associations supporting communities affected by the war in Ukraine.
The principle: 1 euro donated by an employee = 1 euro in matching contribution by Orano.


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