Unpacking nuclear

A core part of the energy transition and of the solutions to meeting energy needs, nuclear energy is a strategic resource that is often a subject of debate. This section aims to respond to the main questions and misconceptions by presenting nuclear energy as clearly as possible. The goal is for everyone to form their own opinion.

Recycling and Nuclear Waste

There are fundamental reasons why nuclear energy is now back center stage. First of all, there is the energy crisis, against the backdrop of geopolitical upheavals that make energy sovereignty absolutely strategic. There is, of course, the fight against global warming. By helping to produce low-carbon, safe electricity at a competitive cost, nuclear power stands out as one of the solutions for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. On another level - and marking a point of honor in France - the nuclear industry is the third largest domestic industrial sector. The planned investments in nuclear power, particularly for the construction of new reactors, are therefore positive news for French industry and for employment. 

The Orano group is going still further. With its expertise encompassing the entire nuclear fuel cycle, including the treatment and recycling of used fuel, as well as its command of cutting-edge nuclear technologies and its ability to recover strategic metals/materials, the Group is exploring new fields of activity well beyond energy. These include healthcare with Orano Med, as well as innovative projects to recycle electric vehicle batteries and produce high-performance permanent magnets, strategic for the energy transition and French sovereignty. Not to mention the launch of a stable isotope production activity at its Tricastin site. The nuclear industry will never cease to surprise us...

Nuclear: acting for the climate

The need for electricity has never been greater all over the world, but at the same time it has become crucial to limit our greenhouse gas emissions by opting for low-carbon sources of energy. Nuclear energy is an important part of the answer to combat global warming!

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