Board of Directors

Orano's Board of Directors guides and oversees the Company's action and performance, and deliberates in particular on strategic and financial decisions. Its functioning is governed by internal rules and regulations.
Conseil d'administration

Its responsibilities

Within the bounds of its terms of reference, and without limitation implied, the Board shall:

  • determine the strategic policy directions of the Company and the Group after receiving the opinion of the Strategy and Investments Committee;
  • appoint the corporate officers responsible for managing the Company’s affairs in pursuance of that strategy, and shall set their remuneration based on the proposal of the Nominating and Compensation Committee;
  • at any time of the year, conduct the checks and inspections it thinks fit and require disclosure of the documents it considers useful to the fulfillment of its mission;
  • determine the End-of-Life-Cycle Obligations policy directions of the Company after receiving the opinion of the End-of-Life-Cycle Obligations Monitoring Committee;
  • be regularly informed by the Audit and Ethics Committee of the Company’s financial situation, cash position and commitments;
  • draw up the annual financial statements and the annual management report;
  • draw up the Company’s annual budget and multi-year plan.

Its membership

Board of Directors

Philippe Varin
(Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Philippe Varin © Orano
Philippe KNOCHE (Chief Executive Officer)
French State represented by Bruno VINCENT
Reynold PREVOST de La BOUTETIERE ( Director appointed by French State)
Marie-Astrid RAVON-BERENGUER (Director appointed by French State)
Marie-Solange TISSIER (Director appointed by French State)
François JACQ (Director appointed by French State)
Maurice GOURDAULT-MONTAGNE (Director appointed by French State)
Claude IMAUVEN (Independent Director)
Patrick PELATA (Independent Director)
Marie-Hélène SARTORIUS (Independent Director)
Catherine DEIANA (Director representing employees)
Alexia DRAVET (Director representing employees)
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