Nuclear and non-nuclear engineering

A recognised expert in nuclear fuel cycle engineering through its subsidiary Orano Projects, Orano acts on behalf of its own facilities and for external clients. Its services range from support engineering for operators to comprehensive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management) responsibilities. Most recently, Orano has started expanding into off-cycle nuclear and new non-nuclear markets.
Contributors using augmented reality in order to manipulate, observe and analyze engineering projects. © Orano Trainings with virtual reality, Ecole des métiers, la Hague. © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Confirmed expertise in nuclear engineering

projects each year, with budgets ranging from €10k to €1bn
employees throughout the world
years of feedback gained as designer and executor of complex projects

Expertises, innovation, agility, competitiveness : all in the service of performance, efficiency and success of our customers’ projects: discover Orano’s group engineering through its brochure!

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Orano Project Brochure

Effective support for all projects

From feasibility analysis to project execution, Orano Projects' teams provide consulting and expertise upstream and downstream in the nuclear cycle, as well as outside the cycle and in non-nuclear applications. They provide trusted support for technical needs as well as for technical-economic optimisation or, for instance, in putting together regulatory applications that will fulfil all the authorities' expectations.


Orano Projects’ services range from support engineering for operators to comprehensive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management) responsibilities Orano Projects’ services range from support engineering for operators to comprehensive EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management) responsibilities © Dixxit / Orano

Competitive, agile, international engineering, serving development

Process engineering designed to enable optimised performance

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of the process specification details provided by its customers, Orano Projects designs and develops a "process book" proposing industrialized solutions to achieve efficient installation.
Orano Projects boasts the experience and competence needed, first, to understand the complexity and fundamental operating parameters of a transformation process (physico-chemical, mechanical, thermal, etc.), and to assemble and/or design safe and robust implementation technologies that deliver secured performance for an industrial production facility.

Study and execution engineering to benefit high-performance facilities

From feasibility studies, to basic preliminary and advanced design and detailed pre-project studies and on to implementation phase, Orano Projects is a skilled provider of services all along the project development cycle, in particular as pertains to the nuclear fuel cycle. In this capacity, the teams can also supervise subcontracting for manufactering, construction and test management, production start-up and final transfer of facilities to the operator.

A culture of on-time delivery: OTD > 90% over the last 4 years.

Support engineering to operators means service available right at their side

Orano Projects does more than just deliver the facilities it designs – it serves as a full-fledged support provider, on the ground. This means that it not only answers customers' questions, but also offers services at the work site for Maintenance and Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO), in particular on aspects such as safety, processes and the securing of industrial computer systems.

Top-tier safety results, with a Frequency Rate (FR) below 1

Dismantling engineering to build a controlled industry

Orano Projets boasts specific know-how in designing and managing decommissioning projects for nuclear facilities that have reached the end of their life cycle, in particular for new works or Waste Recovery and Conditioning (RCD) projects. Through the experience it has gained over the years, it is able to efficiently go through each stage, from defining and optimising decommissioning scenarios to conducting detailed technical and economic option review studies. That same expertise also enables it to optimise the design of new facilities, to the level “just necessary”.

Our engineers can be brought to work on several typologies of projects. This is the case of Diane Equilbec, civil engineer. She designs buildings and also participated in the dismantling of the Eurodif installations.

ItsMyJob : designing buildings for internal and external clients

Diane Equilbec, civil engineer for Orano Projets at Pierrelatte site © SO ON PICTURES
Testing the safety of future constructions: this is the job of Etienne Pelletrau, safety enginner at Orano la Hague's site.

Safety Engineer: a varied job with many interactions

Etienne Pelletrau, Safety Engineer for Orano Projets © So On Pictures

HRB: Optimising existing processes and inventing new solutions

A Development and Qualification Centre

The Beaumont Research Hall (HRB) designs and validates innovative processes and equipment suited for use in a nuclear environment. It enjoys all the capacity of a test hall, while also having access to the traditional industrial and scientific resources connected with a multi-disciplinary team, supported by all the engineering of Orano.

The mechanical technology hub

The HRB masters and implements specific technologies in a so-called "high activity" environment. These include carrying out Non Destructive Testing (NDT), 3D scanning or thickness measurements.


The Chemicals Division

To consolidate the basic data of the Group's major investment projects, the HRB develops and then assesses, on a laboratory scale, innovations in extraction, electrodissolution and cementing processes.

Hall Of Search(Research) For Beaumont-Hague (HRB), France. © Cédric Helsly / Orano

The New Technologies Division

As part of the modernisation of the instrumentation and control systems at its existing and future plants, the HRB contributes its expertise alongside the Group's Innovation Department to develop 4.0 tools.

HRB: 106 employees (researchers, engineers or technicians)

Between Paris and Brest: the challenge of an Orano Projects employee

Loïc Czarneki works in engineering at Orano Projects ... But not only. He cycled over 1,200 km in three days by participating in the 2019 edition of the famous Paris-Brest-Paris race.
Here is a video about this sporting event that he carried out in logistic tandem with his wife and the moral support of his daughters.

Challenges at work and in life

Women and men of Orano: Paris-Brest-Paris with Loïc Czarneki © Morgan Cardin
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