Operational Excellence

Orano has made Operational Excellence one of its priorities by driving a corporate dynamic focused on continuous improvement, customer added value and efficiency.

Operational Excellence is a true culture that serves the company's performance and transformation. It is supported by an ecosystem that includes teams, managers, and a network of Operational Excellence specialists. These three populations are essential to anchor behaviors in the field and support teams with high standards and responsibility.

This ecosystem of Excellence promotes teamwork, problem solving, autonomy, flexibility, skill development, motivation, and change.

"In a culture of Excellence Operational, everyone has a role to play”

System of excellence

The Excellence System has a goal: to obtain the best performance in safety, security, quality, cost, and lead time, for customers, for the company and for all employees. Studies have shown that companies with an Excellence System perform more than 30% better than those without. Therefore, Orano's Operational Excellence System incorporates the best practices.



Excellence Management

A system for excellence management

Anchored in Orano's values and serving the company's vision, the Excellence System brings together all the management methods, behaviors, principles, and practices serving a continuous improvement dynamic

  • a management cycle that promotes excellence in all areas of the company: strategic, financial, operational, and managerial.
  • a management style based on a strong field presence, coaching, team support and individual accountability, according to the principle of the inverted pyramid.
  • a common base structured around 10 fundamentals.
  • a spirit of continuous progress based on a way of thinking: Plan, Do, Check, Act.
  • a common language.

Fundamentals of Excellence

A common foundation

The development and anchoring of Operational Excellence at Orano are based on ten fundamentals. These fundamentals structure the entire approach and help to build a roadmap to increase the maturity of all the Group's entities.

  • 5S culture and work environment
  • Standardization of practices
  • Performance Visual Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Manager in the field
  • Elimination of waste
  • Process and flow optimization
  • Performance orientation
  • The Management Cycle
  • The Operational Excellence attitude

An Operational Excellence Network

More than 130 Operational Excellence specialists make up the Orano Network. Spread across all the Group's entities, they drive Operational Excellence in the field and provide support to teams and managers to steer and implement improvement projects and transformation plans.

Recognized by Lean Green Belt and Black Belt certifications, they bring the dynamics and expertise required to support and coach.

Involved managers

Managers are the first to set an example. As such, they embody and put into practice the Operational Excellence behaviors expected within the company. These ten behaviors enable all the targets of the Operational Excellence system to be fulfilled over time.

The 10 behaviors of the manager


1. Valuing successes, recognizing failures, and learning from them

2. Know and focus on customers: anticipate their needs, understand them and act to satisfy them

3. Create the conditions to make problems visible

4. Develop a problem-solving culture and the ability of your teams to solve problems with a view to continuous improvement

5. Gradually increase the level of experience while showing consideration

6. Encourage initiative and creativity

7. To train oneself and one's team by giving them the means to improve their skills

8. To respect and enforce standards. Develop improvement for continuous progress

9. Visit teams regularly in the field to listen, support and adjust action plans

10. Translate the Group's vision into ambitious objectives

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