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Want to change the world? So do we! At Orano, we are committed to the climate, saving resources, and promoting health. With our cutting-edge technologies, we are expanding the field of possibilities by reinventing ourselves and making nuclear energy a resource of tomorrow. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the future! Nuclear energy needs you.

A company people are happy to work for

Our goal is to make our company an environment where everyone finds meaning in their work, feels engaged in a positive collective undertaking and can develop personally through our shared values. We create an attractive, inclusive and innovative environment, aligned with our lives today and forward thinking for our lives tomorrow!

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A company that believes in bringing value to society

Joining Orano means committing to the future of society. We are on the front lines of the fight against global warming and the preservation of the planet’s resources, and we are committed to regional development and job creation. We promote energy excellence and independence as well as medical research.

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A forward-looking corporation

Innovation guides Orano’s thinking today so that it can make its ideas a reality in the future. Orano innovates to re-invent itself, broaden the field of possibilities and explore new opportunities for growth. Our unique skills and expertise, our cutting-edge technologies, as well as some of our strategic nuclear materials are key resources in sectors with a promising future, such as healthcare, the circular economy, aerospace engineering and the energy transition. Nuclear energy will on keep surprising you!

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A solid partner for your career

To help you go even further, we are committed to supporting you in building your future with personalized career development options.

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Nuclear has a future, join us!

Discover the reasons to join us and all our job opening.

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