Inventing a sustainable future

Innover @Orano is about reinventing tomorrow, fostering the acceleration of our innovation cycles to anchor the group in the era of industry 4.0 while also exploring new growth opportunities in forward-looking markets, for the benefit of society.

Every day, Orano innovates for the climate, for a world that saves resources and for health by enhancing its know-how in transforming and controlling nuclear materials, know-how that is recognized worldwide, in line with its corporate purpose.

Orano draws on ultra-innovative ecosystems outside the group and on its unique internal areas of expertise to develop new differentiating solutions, with the aim of building a future that is even more sustainable, by:

  • Meeting the challenges of our customizers in the best way possible
  • Continuing to develop and support its current activities to improve their competitiveness 
  • Addressing new forward-looking business segments
new growth opportunities currently being explored
Fab Labs at Orano’s main industrial sites
innovative very small/SME start-ups in the Orano ecosystem
+ €100 million
invested in RDI (Research, Development & Innovation) each year
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