The Boost Plan, harnessing performance for the benefit of projects

The objective of the Boost Plan, first put into practice for an initial period of 2021-2022, is to make the execution of industrial projects at Orano more robust, while playing an integral part in the nuclear industry's excellence initiative. This plan, which is transverse at group level, aims to accelerate the transformation of industrial project management.

The Boost Plan has goals in five areas:

  • Skill area: meet the needs for essential skills and set up a system that guarantees excellence over time;
  • Governance area: make it part of the company's processes and attain the necessary maturity before reaching a milestone;
  • Standardization area: reduce diversity/complexity via optimal standardization of repetitive products and long-lasting subassemblies and optimize our processes;
  • Supplier Quality area: align the group’s interests with those of its suppliers to complete projects successfully. Strengthen the skill and quality level of suppliers;
  • Getting It Right the First Time area: guarantee getting it right the first time by reducing instances of non-quality.

Involving experts from the Orano group in project management and engineering, the Boost Plan has resulted in an improvement in the group's reference standards and is now actively deployed on all Orano projects.

+ 250
people involved


From 2023, the objective is to gradually extend the scope of the Boost Plan's actions to all the group's projects." 
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