Purpose and commitments

Through its business, Orano intends to contribute to the fight against global warming by improving access to competitive, low-carbon electricity for all, to the preservation of resources through recycling and to health through nuclear medicine, notably in the fight against cancer. These major challenges of our century are central to our purpose and strategic vision.

In 2020, Orano worked with its employees to co-construct a corporate purpose, which was adopted by the Board of Directors on December 17.

"Develop know-how in the transformation and control of nuclear materials for the climate, for a healthy and resource-efficient world, now and tomorrow"

A committed actor providing solutions for tomorrow's world

Our new purpose defines who we are, in line with the concerns of our current and future society. It commits us to playing an active role and providing solutions to overcome challenges, whether these are related to the climate, energy or society, and enables the Group to look to the future with ambitious objectives. 

More than 1300 Group managers and employees as well as 130 external stakeholders were involved in the co-construction of our purpose, our commitments and our roadmap for 2030. 

Our values

Purpose film

Expert Voices - Corporate purpose: give meaning to our activities

Our commitments are proof of our determination, our values and our responsibilities to society.


Be engaged and responsible locally in our environment

Relationships with our stakeholders are all the more important as our activities extend over the very long term, for several decades. Orano aims to be a committed and responsible actor in the regions and communities in which it operates, as much for the preservation of their environment as for their development.

Our 2021 results 

  • 90% of purchases by Orano's French entities are made in France
  • 98% of Orano's international employees are recruited locally
  • 60% of residents living near Orano's French sites think that the nuclear industry is good for the region (BVA study, 2019)
  • 5.1 million euros invested in community projects by Orano Mining in 2021


Orano - Tricastin

Our 2025 targets

  • 80% of residents living near our sites have a positive view of Orano's work in their region
  • 100% of site plans cover the long-term management of liabilities
  • 50% of projects eco-designed
Since December 2, 2021, Or ano has also been a signatory of the “Responsible Supplier Relations Charter”and in this respect demonstrates its desire to implement a continuous improvement plan with its suppliers within a framework of mutual trust and respect for the rights and responsibilities of each individual.
  • 2021 Orano Mining - Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Contribute to carbon neutrality

It is the world's number one environmental challenge. In addition to being convinced of the role that nuclear energy can play in the energy transition to low-carbon electricity, since 2004 Orano has been running a program to reduce its own emissions with a view to contributing to the collective effort. 

 Our 2021 results 

  • Direct and Indirect GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) of 417 255 tCO2e
  • GHG emissions of our value chain evaluated at 1 301 633 tCO2e, thus 76% of our total footprint
  • 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2004
  • 43% reduction since 2015
  • A non-financial reporting aligned on Taxonomy and TCFD in 2021

Our 2025 targets 

  • 40% reduction in our direct or indirect carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2) compared to 2015, the reference year for the French National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC), in order to comply with the Paris Agreement 

Greenhouse gas emission scopes (GHG protocol definition)

Scope 1: Direct emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels (gas, oil, coal), direct emissions of refrigerant gases, and direct CO2 emissions not involving combustion

Scope 2: Indirect emissions related to consumption of electricity, heat, or steam necessary for industrial activities

Scope 3: Emissions other than those described above
  • Using nuclear energy to fight climate change


Mobilize proud and committed employees, who embody our purpose

The realization of our policy of commitment will be driven by the women and men of Orano. The Group's goal is to develop the skills needed today and tomorrow in an attractive, inclusive and innovative environment. 

Our 2021 results 

  • 4 training schools: the École des Métiers, the Management Institute, the Mining College and Trihom, a leader in nuclear training
  • 1230 personnel recruited on a permanent basis in 2021
  • 30,7% of women in Management Committees
  • 5% increase in personnel with a disability
  • 89/100: Group score on the gender equality in the workplace index
  • Renewal of the Diversity Label in 2020
  • Commitment to RGAA 4.0 compliance to guarantee the accessibility of our digital media to all


Croissance Client

Our 2025 targets 

  • 75% employee engagement rate
  • 1000 managers involved in mentoring or tutoring

Customer Growth

Innovate to preserve resources and protect health

No company can develop without the trust of its customers. Orano must continue to meet the needs of its customers, present and future, with innovative products and services, while at the same time responding to society's expectations in relation to the environment and health.

Our 2021 results 

  • Top 3 in our disciplines
  • 1500 more French startups and SMEs in the Orano ecosystem
  • 40 Business Innovation explorations under way to come up with new opportunities for growth
  • 3 new sites inaugurated in 2021 : the Extractive Metallurgy Innovation Center (CIME), the extension of the Laboratoire Maurice Tubiana in Orano Med and its new R&D center in Bessines-sur-Gartempe and the Stable Isotopes Laboratory (LIS), a unique laboratory in France located in Tricastin
  • 113 million euros invested in R&D
  • 526 recognized experts

Our 2025 targets 

  • Creation of sustainable business related to resource conservation or health (Orano Med, stable isotope production unit)
  • 4.5 billion euros of revenue
  • Increase in proportion of nuclear electricity generated using recycled materials: 30% vs 10% currently


Operate efficiently and reduce our footprint

Orano is convinced that there cannot be sustainable economic performance and profitability without a reduction in its environmental footprint.

Our 2021 results 

  • Renewed, efficient and competitive facilities (Philippe Coste, …)
  • Operational excellence and our SHIFT digital transformation plan in order to deliver financial and environmental performance
  • A reduction of our water consumption by 21% since 2019
  • 69% of conventional waste recovered
Yellow Cake

Our 2025 targets 

  • 10% reduction in non-recycled waste versus 2019
  • 10% improvement in the use of raw materials (water, energy, etc.) vs. 2019

Safety and security, foundational pillars for Orano


The safety of our facilities and that of our employees and external companies is an absolute priority, just like environmental protection. This requires us to show unwavering commitment to nuclear safety, occupational health and safety, and radiation protection. 

Three priority actions for 2021–2023 

  • The Safety-Environment Policy sets eight priorities for action on facility safety, operational safety and management performance.
  • The Health, Safety and Radiation Protection Policy is structured along four lines: the development of primary prevention, the control of operations, innovative practices and the sharing of experience.
  • The Quality Policy, essential to controlling nuclear safety, is designed to drive continuous improvement on a daily basis and optimize customer satisfaction and confidence. 


Prevention at the heart of our operations

Prevention is implemented through a variety of mechanisms and training sessions: regular safety and emergency drills, ongoing workplace inspections, continuous medical surveillance, the prevention and diagnosis of pathological risks, and daily checks on the doses received by employees, among others.

Our 2021 results 

  • An accident frequency rate with lost time at 1,5
  • Zero INES event level 2, 6 level 1 and 119 level 0


Objectives for 2025

  • 0 INES level 2 events
  • Accident frequency rate (Orano employees) of less than 1
  • General Inspectorate Annual Report 2019 - Status of safety in nuclear facilities

Environmental protection

Orano devotes significant resources to reducing and controlling chemical and radioactive releases. In parallel, it ensures constant environmental monitoring. Each year, Orano performs more than 100 000 measurements and analyses from around 1000 sampling points to monitor radioactivity in the environment around its sites.

At old mining sites, in addition to rigorous water quality monitoring, regular studies demonstrate that the quantity and quality of aquatic ecosystems are not affected by activities.

Liquid and gas releases are monitored throughout the year, to enable rapid corrective actions if needed. In addition, to ensure that our facilities have no real impact on the environment, deferred monitoring (based on sampling) is performed in the various ecosystems all along the radionuclide transfer chains leading to people. 

Emissions other than GHGs (nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.) are measured as part of the environmental monitoring of industrial sites. These are reported in publications specific to entities, which are available under the reference publications on the Orano website. They are not consolidated and reported at Group level. 

  • 100 000 measurements and analyses are taken from around 1000 sampling points to monitor radioactivity in the environment around our industrial sites
  • Zero health impact of our nuclear activities: 100 times less than natural radioactivity

Ethics and compliance

Orano strives to be exemplary in terms of ethics and compliance. As a responsible company, Orano acts in accordance with two priority principles:

  • compliance with the most stringent requirements proportionate to the nuclear and conventional safety issues in the conduct of our business, and for the protection of health and the environment;
  • compliance with the strictest integrity standards and unswerving commitment to the fight against bribery, fraud, and anticompetitive practices.

Ethics Code

This sets out the principles and the associated rules of conduct required to uphold Orano's priorities, values and reputation. It applies to subcontractors and suppliers, which must sign a specific sustainable development commitment. 

Orano implements and deploys an anticorruption compliance program within the Group, which is regularly updated. It promotes a culture of business ethics and transparency through a preventive approach, based on strict rules of conduct, and training and awareness actions. 


Our 2021 results 

  • 3049 employees trained in compliance in 2021
The Orano group's whistleblowing platform is open to all its employees, as well as to its business partners and recruitment candidates, in all countries where the Group operates, with the exception of the United States, which has a specific local system. Details of how the alert system works are available on the whistleblowing platform itself: https://oranoethic.signalement.net/entreprises

Transparency and dialogue

In order to report on our activities in a reliable, regular way, and foster relations with various audiences and institutions, Orano is part of a multi-faceted information system:

Annual information report

  • In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 125-15 of the French Environmental Code, each Orano group industrial site publishes an annual report informing the public about its activities in terms of safety, security and radiation protection, as well as the results of its environmental measurement campaigns and waste management. 
  • The Group also publishes a report for the French High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security (HCTISN), and the French national plan for the management of radioactive materials and radioactive waste ( PNGMDR) under the aegis of the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and the ASN. All these reports are available on multiple distribution channels and can be downloaded from our website under "Reference publications".

Local information committees

  • Within the framework of the local information committees (created in 1981), the Group participates in information meetings on its activities, notably alongside elected representatives, associations and members of the safety authorities, with media representatives also present.
  • For their part, the mining businesses and ICPE-classified activities (the Malvési site in particular) participate under the authority of the prefects in meetings of the monitoring and surveillance committees (CSS).

Public tours and meetings

  • Each year, facility tours are held to give visitors the chance to learn about our plants, how they work, and our activities.
  • Local events such as public sessions, and meetings with neighboring residents and the press are also organized.


  • Orano contributes to the centralized national network managed by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) and the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) (www.mesure-radioactivité.fr).
  • Orano Mining provides information about the environmental monitoring of its former French mining sites on its CartOMines website.

Engaged in our ecosystem

Orano is a committed member of professional associations in its field.


Target for 2025

  • 80% of our stakeholders have a satisfactory view of the way in which Orano reports on its activities

Materiality analysis, a first for Orano

130 stakeholders were surveyed in 2020 to better understand their expectations from Orano in social and environmental terms. Their feedback was compiled in a summary report called a " materiality analysis". 

This will allow us to identify major issues impacting the Group's performance, prioritize them and compare internal perceptions within Orano to those of external stakeholders. These exchanges were rich in insights, open and constructive. They have enabled us to adjust our thinking on the Group's current and emerging issues, including in terms of our future social, community and environmental commitments.
The improvement of Orano ESG performances have been recognized by several ESG rating agencies which puts the group among the best of its category.
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