Take action on transitions

Innover @Orano is about starting now to prepare the group of the future, tomorrow, an actor in industrial, environmental, energy, societal, and social transitions.
As a worldclass leader across the entire fuel cycle, from uranium mining through to the recycling of used fuels, Orano is committed to the future of society with a sustainable development strategy. We protect the climate and preserve resources by contributing to the generation of low-carbon energy that is dense and controllable and uses few mineral resources. The group develops domains of expertise and technologies that are unique in the world so it can build tomorrow’s nuclear industry, boost other sectors of activity, and address other markets, all to make the world a more sustainable place. 

The group draws support from solid fundamentals: 

  • control of nuclear fuel recycling, according to a circular economy and resource savings approach;
  • deployment of industry 4.0 technologies in its operating plants of various kinds;
  • investment and support for industrial actors in the regions where Orano is located and the creation of qualified jobs;
  • development of new activities that enhance its unique skills, its cutting-edge technologies, and fuel cycle materials;
  • reduction of its own carbon and environmental footprint.

Innovation applied to the industrial transition

Orano, an industry 4.0 actor, is already envisioning tomorrow’s plant, taking advantage the cutting-edge technologies to:

  • Improve the productivity of plants, the competitiveness of services, and the safety of operators
  • Accelerate deployment of a services approach, attentive to its customers

Innovation: driving the energy and environmental transition

The group achieves its commitments through concrete worksites and projects: preserving resources, developing a circular economy, bringing about a more sustainable nuclear sector, and contributing undeniably to carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Circular economy around CO2 - Circular economy around CO

Our ambition: Accelerate the development of Deep Tech start-ups through active collaborations with Orano by giving them access, for example, to our unique expertise, our testing equipment, and our industrial facilities to validate their innovative solutions.

Orano has partnered with Global Challenge Hello Tomorrow, the annual competition for Deep Tech start-ups, with the aim of facing the major challenges of tomorrow. 

One of the objectives: Identify solutions based on science or cutting-edge technologies that help develop a circular economy around CO2,  drawing on capture, regeneration, storage, and recovery of CO2 as a raw material.

Innovation applied to the societal transition

Committed to the future of society, Orano is developing innovative solutions to explore new growth opportunities applied to a sustainable future. For example, Orano is committed to health through its subsidiary Orano Med. The group has also surrounded itself with an ultra-innovative and agile partner ecosystem, that of Deep Tech start-ups, and activates various modes of cooperation using a “win-win” strategy. 

Our ambition: Develop a solid portfolio of treatments against cancer bringing together the properties of lead-212 and targeting molecules, by either the group alone or as part of a partnership.

Through its medical subsidiary Orano Med, Orano is innovating in the development of targeted treatments against cancer, using the unique properties of lead-212 (212Pb), a very rare radioactive isotope that comes from thorium.
Its work gives hope to the international medical community that it will be able to move toward treatments that are less toxic and more effective.

Targeted alphatherapy is an innovative technology that combines lead-212 with biological molecules (peptides, antibodies) to target receptors and antigens in cancerous cells.
It recognizes and destroys cancer cells in a selective way while limiting the impact on the surrounding healthy cells.
Our ambition: From 2023, ramp up production to the industrial scale for ultra-pure stable isotopes for the international market.

Drawing on its know-how and its control of cutting-edge technologies in uranium transformation, conversion, and enrichment, Orano, in a one-of-its kind laboratory in France, is developing the production of stable isotopes, such as silicium-28 and xenon-136. 

Because of their specific properties, these non-radioactive forms of atoms are used in many applications, notably in the health field (raw material for medications for diagnosing and treating cancers, improvement of magnetic resonance imaging), in the industrial sector and in the field of basic research (quantum computing, research on neutrinos, etc.).
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