Using nuclear energy to fight climate change

The need for electricity has never been greater all over the world, but at the same time it has become crucial to limit our greenhouse gas emissions by opting for low-carbon sources of energy. In this context, nuclear energy is an important part of the answer to combat global warming!

Nuclear power, playing a key role against global warming

Supported by facts

7 good reasons for turning to nuclear power to combat global warming Fact or Fake with François-Marie Bréon, physicist-climatologist Nuclear power, a low-carbon energy source Act for the climate: what does it mean?

And confirmed by experts and the media


Conversation with Jean-Marc Jancovici

"If we want to preserve most of our modern comfort while combating climate change, nuclear energy will provide that"

What the media are saying

  • Unions repeat call for nuclear's inclusion in EU taxonomy
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  • Message: Nuclear must be represented at COP26, says World Nuclear Association
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  • Small Reactors, Big Future for Nuclear Power
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  • UK sees role for nuclear in hydrogen economy
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  • Action needed now to limit climate change, says IPCC
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