Focus areas

Cutting edge technologies for industrial performance & safety

  • Process control and infrastructure safety
  • Sustainable fluid management processes
  • Industrial flow optimization
  • Decision support for predictive maintenance
  • Interventional robotics
  • Operations in harsh environments
  • Multi-measurement instrumentation & data processing
  • New classes of materials or coatings
Technologies for advanced engineering

Technologies for advanced engineering 

  • Knowledge capitalization 
  • Design and project management 
  • Digitization, data security, and process integrability
  • Simulation and anticipation considering climate impact
  • Deployment and adaptability

Sustainable chemistry & next gen. circular solutions

  • New supply sources for critical materials or chemical products
  • Electrochemical processes
  • New catalysts and solvents
  • New production routes for high value isotopes applications
  • Sorting and transformation processes 
  • Characterization and traceability for chemicals and materials supply chain
  • Recycling of high-value materials
  • Treatment and valorization of by-products 

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