All about the nuclear industry in France

3rd position for the nuclear sector in France

A sector of excellence

Nuclear energy is currently France's 3rd-largest industrial sector. A sector representing 200,000 non-relocatable skilled jobs, spread over 2,600 companies throughout the country. A sector of excellence, with job qualification levels twice as high as the industrial average, with almost 8,000 new hires expected annually in technical disciplines up to 2020. The nuclear sector also makes a positive contribution to France's balance of trade, totaling 6 billion euros a year.


Nuclear energy lets us save 20 billion euros on hydrocarbon imports every year.

Did you know?

  • 1 euro invested* in the nuclear sector creates 3 times as many jobs as other sectors of electricity generation.
  • Due to their technical nature, the majority of contracts are awarded to French companies.
  • 2/3 of employees are executives, technicians or supervisors, resulting in qualification levels that are twice as high as the industrial average.
*The socio-economic weight of the electronuclear sector in France – PwC (2011)

Orano : dynamic skills and labor markets

  • 16,600 highly qualified employees, including 12,500 in France
  • 1/3 engineers and managers
  • Skills in a wide range of specialist domains: mining, chemistry, enrichment, recycling, dismantling and services, transport and logistics, and engineering
  • 800 hires and 500 long-term work-study contract offers in 2018
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