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Orano Med is Orano's subsidiary specialised in nuclear medicine, based in France and the United States. At its laboratories in Bessines-sur-Gartempe (France) and Plano (Texas - USA), the entity is developing new therapies based on the use of radioactive elements to destroy cancer cells.

Structured to maximise performance

Innovation by Macrocyclics 

The world leader in chelating agents for nuclear medicine, Macrocyclics provides innovative services to address the challenges associated with the use of radioelements for medical diagnosis and therapy. Thanks to its specialised know-how, in particular in the field of radiochemistry but also its strong capacity for innovation, it allows Orano Med to accelerate the development of targeted  lead-212 and to extend the number of pathologies targeted.

An international scientific committee

The scientific work and developments at Orano Med are supported by internationally-recognised experts in the fields of oncology, radioimmunotherapy and dosimetry.

Strategic cooperation

Since 2015, Orano Med has been working in association with selected international scientific partners in the field of cancer research: research institutes such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI) or INSERM, biotechs such as RadioMedix or Nordic Nanovector and the pharmaceutical laboratory Roche.

An additional production unit in France

Currently in the design phase, a future lead-212 production unit will soon increase the production capacities of the LMT and DDPU.

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