Orano Meds' sites

Laboratories serving medical research and lead-212 production

Two precursor establishments in France

The Maurice Tubiana Laboratory (LMT)

  • At this laboratory, set in Bessines-sur-Gartempe in the Haute-Vienne (France) and unparalleled anywhere in the world, Orano Med extracts the high-purity 212Pb it needs for preclinical and clinical trials of new cancer treatments.
  • ARCoLab  is an advanced research platform born of a strategic partnership between Orano Med and Roche. Located in Razès, in the Limousin, this shared laboratory is fully dedicated to developing alphatherapy treatments using lead-212. Experts at Roche and Orano Med are jointly conducting preclinical studies on the efficacy of 212Pb alphatherapy.

Orano Med's strong presence in the United States

The DDPU (Domestic Distribution and Purification Unit) laboratory, located in Plano, Texas (United States), is fully-dedicated to the development of new 212Pb therapies and the production of lead-212. The site also serves as the headquarters to Orano Med in the United States. It houses the laboratories and offices of its subsidiary Macrocyclics.
Orano Med in Plano, Texas, USA Orano Med in Plano, Texas, USA © Orano
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