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Safety Engineer

Safety Engineers Safety Engineers © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano


The main responsibilities of the safety engineer are to carry out risk analyses upstream from operations, to manage the facility’s safety reference system, to train production teams, and to carry out verification actions on the safety provisions of the workshops.

The safety engineer runs all the feedback processes, analyzes the failures that can be recurrent and derives new tools from them. This way, he or she truly discovers the ins and outs of the workshop and how it was designed!

For a young graduate, it is a very good first step into the factory.  
Afterwards, there are cross-bridges into radiation protection, operation, maintenance and decommissioning. It’s wide open.


I'm not originally from the nuclear industry, but thought, ‘Why not?’ and it's been ten years that I have been doing this job!
Mickaël, Safety Engineer, who is never bored on the job.
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