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Why join Orano?

Engaging alongside Orano, the world's leader in nuclear fuel means joining a Group driven by 16,000 employees recognized for their skills, their engagement and their ability to contribute to producing low-carbon electricity.
Tricastin plant - Employee Tricastin plant - Employee © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

The Group hires professionals passionate about what they do in over 30 job families, from plant operation technician to design engineer, international project manager or geologist.

Whether fresh out of school or seasoned professionals, Orano's employees are brought on board for a dynamic project and immediately involved in their respective missions with stimulating challenges.
Orano means caring and demanding team spirit that nurtures its diversities. It offers everyone the opportunity to achieve their full potential, receive training and gain new, solid, structured and recognised skills.

The Orano Group relies daily on collective intelligence to develop its methods and pursue an objective of continuous improvement, in particular by dedicating a large place to innovation and new technologies.

We are Orano

  • 16,000 employees worldwide
  • Over 750 new talents hired on permanent contracts in 2018
  • At home in 17 countries across the world
  • In the world's Top 3 in each of its businesses
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