Radiation Safety Officer

Françoise Boulanger, Radiation Safety Officer, la Hague plant. Françoise Boulanger, Radiation Safety Officer, la Hague plant. ©Philippe Brault / Orano


Radiation protection is at the heart of safety and security when it comes to nuclear energy. This position involves ensuring the radiological safety of employees and facilities, ensuring compliance with instructions and developing the monitoring program. The radiation safety officer plays an advisory and information role for all personnel working in restricted areas. It’s Yasin’s job at Tricastin, and Françoise’s job at La Hague :

ItsMyJob : ensuring employees protection

Yasin Cengiz, radiation protection methods technician © So On Pictures


We work in a contaminated environment, so we keep protected. Every time we leave a zone, we remove a layer. We verify each other when we leave a zone. It's important to have good interpersonal relations because the job involves a lot of interaction. You have to be methodical and know how to analyse the measurements made in the field. The questioning attitude is always present in our jobs. I change workshops every time. Each time, it’s a new process and there is a lot to learn -- which is precisely what I like.
Françoise, Mechanical Workshops, who is always learning something new and enjoys it.
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