Triade designs and implements innovative management and treatment solutions for “low and medium active nuclear waste”. Orano's remediation facility has been listed on the government registries as a classified environmental protection facility (ICPE).

High-performance installations and a wide range of skills

Treatment of “low and medium active nuclear waste”

At Triade, Orano, with extensive experience feedback, implements advanced technical processes for the treatment, decommissioning and cutting of thick homogeneous waste. From waste management on site, through sorting, volume reduction, remediation and conditioning, Triade performs radiological and chemical characterisation, as well as aims to identify and optimise the appropriate treatment chain (ANDRA or Socodei).

Separating waste and homogenizing at the CNPE Buget 1 (EDF) mud inside a controlled chamber of Cell 109. Orano, Triade facility et Bollene, France. Separating waste and homogenizing at the CNPE Buget 1 (EDF) mud inside a controlled chamber of Cell 109. Orano, Triade facility et Bollene, France. © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Specialized remediation facilities

Depending on the type of the waste requiring treatment and the end-purpose of the planned remediation process, studies are carried out upstream to determine the safety level of the process to be implemented. These studies pertain both to the exceptional maintenance scenarios, the definition of waste treatment channels and the conduct of radiological measurements to be carried out. Whether manual or automated, the process implemented can be mechanical, chemical, electrochemical or thermal.

Dismantling plants offering varied technical solutions

At each of its units dedicated to cutting, sorting or conditioning waste, Triade's teams are equipped with premium material to perform all tasks. Whether for cold-cutting metal or concrete with a diamond wire saw or for thermal cutting with a plasma torch, the facility offers solutions for every type of waste, including those requiring special treatments (supercritical CO2, mercury, solvents, etc.).

Additional services

In addition to its waste treatment activity, Triade offers its customers other services such as carrying out special maintenance operations and managing safety aspects.
The site is also the operational base in France for asbestos removal activities in nuclear environments proposed by Orano.
The facility's offer also includes rental, by other nuclear players wishing to have a local anchorage in the Rhône valley, of servicing cells for maintenance work on equipment intended for nuclear zones. 
Accreditations and certifications
● ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications
● CEFRI – E Certification
● ISO 14001 Acceptance
● Authorisation to hold material with and without EURATOM supervision
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