Future graduates: Your future at Orano

Whether you are looking for an internship or a work-study assignment, we have many exciting opportunities to offer. View our offers.
Portrait of an operator, unloading workshop, T0 castles. Portrait of an operator, unloading workshop, T0 castles. © Eric Larrayadieu / Orano

Our internship opportunities

Each year, Orano offers several hundred internships to young people with degrees ranging from the Vocational Baccalaureate level to the post-graduate. Thanks to the diversity of its businesses, each job entails a potentially wide range of responsibilities. 30 job families are open to you.

An internship at Orano is an engaging and rewarding experience.
Come join us and we'll prepare your future together!

Our work-study opportunities

Short- or long-term, our work/study opportunities are open to applicants with qualifiations from the Vocational Certificate to the post-graduate degree in a variety of fields: engineering, production, maintenance, quality, safety, logistics, chemistry, human resources, communication, purchasing, finance, and more.


 "A company in the nuclear energy industry is where you can see things you won't find anywhere else.”

 “Orano will give you the keys to successfully develop your experience beyond your expectations!”

 “Orano has been an excellent experience, both professionally and personally. I have honed my management control skills thanks to a welcoming team that has always been available to explain the business to me and help me progress. Seeing my motivation and curiosity, my internship director put his trust in me, and I quickly gained in autonomy in my scope. I appreciated the opportunity to undertake projects and participate in monthly reporting meetings and budget meetings. In short, an excellent experience that I would gladly do again! There is no reason to think twice! Go for it! ”


Our VIE volunteering opportunities

If you are looking for new territories where you can let your talents play out, Orano offers each year about 30 VIE (Business International  volunteering) missions in 12 countries, from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the Canadian North. It’s the opportunity to enjoy an international experience that is both educational and rewarding, and discover the great diversity of our jobs with our subsidiaries.

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