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#ItsMyJob is a video format which pays homage to our employees by depicting the work they do on a daily basis, as well as the rigorous and good-humored approach they show in going about their job… and, above all, their desire to pass on their know-how. It is also a tool which highlights the value of all these skill areas which are key in raising Orano up to the very highest level of excellence. This is why #ItsMyJob is just as much intended for an internal as for an external audience and is featured on our social networks such as YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook
Usine de traitement du minerai de Muyunkum Usine de traitement du minerai de Muyunkum © Orano, AMANKULOV JANARBEK AMAN
#ItsMyJob: Coralie Marie, Nuclear safety engineer in dismantling - Orano DS, Tricastin site
Orano DS
#ItsMyJob: Cédric Cosnefroy, Remote maintenance operator, Orano la Hague site
So' On Pictures
#ItsMyJob : Précilia Le Roux, a "first aider" for nuclear equipment
© Orano
#ItsMyJob: Recycling, Orano Melox Site
© Orano
#ItsMyJob of the New Facilities project leader
© Orano
#ItsMyJob: Nuclear Power Plant Paluel. D&S
© Orano
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