Investigations project manager in a highly radioactive environment

Safety, specialised expertise and cutting-edge technologies are the three keywords of this field role.
Investigations en milieu hautement radioactif Investigation © Orano


The work of the “investigation project manager in a highly radioactive environment” consists of gathering chemical and radiological data on behalf of our customers. Employees work at the centre of nuclear installations, mainly as part of decommissioning projects.

After defining a working scenario and carrying out the necessary inspections, the project manager leads a team that takes measurements or samples.

The chemical and radiological data collected are used for preparing projects to decommission old nuclear facilities.


“We work in a constrained and demanding environment with high radioactivity. New technologies, such as IRIS biological protection, have enabled us to divide the exposure dosage in our working areas by ten.”

Simon, Project Manager, High Activity Investigations, who likes conducting investigations.

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