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Discover Plants of tomorrow Orano,the udd@Orano project

udd@Orano project presented by Nathalie Collignon

Axionable role presented by Quentin Faulconnier, Orano

CEA List role presented by Karim Boudergui and Frédéric Carrel

Saint-Etienne University role presented by Sylvain Girard

Ob’do role presented by Julien Marie and Valentin Bertrand

Probayes role presented by Pierre Guenoun

DIOTA role presented by Lionnel Joussemet

PREDICT role presented by Jean-Baptiste Léger

SHARK ROBOTICS role presented by Manon Vermenouze

SILEANE role presented by Héléna Henry

MINES Saint-Étienne role presented by Yann GAVET

Delphine Spaterna, THALES group
Sylvain Clémendot, TOTAL group
Frédéric Guillou, GRT Gaz
Bernard Lledos, Air Liquide group
David Lenoble, DGA
Simon Dubois, SBS
Jérôme Poulain, Audace
Jauffrey Golinsky, Ermeo
Romain Ménétrier, AddUp
Malik Ziadi, Safety First
Laurent Chec, DataDvance
Lionel Joussement, Diota
Henri Ripoll, IDEALEX
François Hede, Idosens
Buno Perennou, obd'o
Bruno Alcaras, Kantree
Benjamin de Buttet, DC
Alexandre Nguyen, Braincube
Arnaud Frerejean, AXAUNE
Discover the 14 start-ups who reached the final round of the competition launched by Orano with deep tech start-up – Let’s reinvent nuclear industry together!
Nano Diamond Battery, Grand Finalist of the "Let's reinvent nuclear industry together!" 
SE4, Finalist Pitcher
IUMTEK, Finalist Pitcher
Renaissance Fusion, Finalist Pitcher
RI-TE, Finalist Pitcher
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