Challenge #66

Open Innovation

Detection of powder diffusion not visible to the naked eye

Nuclear Industry

Schéma représentant la problématique à résoudre © Orano


Dates of challenge :

  • Opening date: 19 09 2022 
  • Closing date: 19 12 2022

Purpose of challenge

Orano is looking for innovative solutions to detect Pu particles in a confined space. The size of the particles prevents direct detection (particle size from 0.3 µ to 0.05 mm).

Description and expectations


  • Detect Pu powder and its associated emission point
  • Visualize Pu powder invisible to the naked eye


  • Powder located in a confined enclosure
  • Hand operated solution
  • Minimum mass to be detected: 0.25 g of powder
The proposed solutions could be based for example on polarizing lighting techniques (through the light halo around the particle itself). However, all other relevant solutions will be evaluated.
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