Challenge #62

Open Innovation

Repair of electrical insulating coating on stainless steel bars

Nuclear Industry

Stainless steel bar with delaminated alumina coating © Orano


Dates of challenge:

  • Opening date: February 2022
  • Closing date: April 2022

Purpose of challenge

Solutions for repairing an alumina electrical insulating coating on stainless steel rods.

Description and expectations

We are looking for solutions to repair an alumina electrical insulating coating on stainless steel bars.

The repair material will be electrically insulating with :

  • a resistivity greater than 108 Ω.cm, 
  • a coefficient of thermal expansion between 6.7.10-6 C-1 and 13.10-6 C-1 and
  • a thickness of a few hundred μm.

The surface to be repaired is a few cm², with bending radii of 2 mm.

The environment is a highly irradiating one, with maximum temperatures of 300 °C.

The implementation will have to adapt to the following conditions:

  • Operation carried out in remote operation + absence of direct visual (camera)
  • Areas that are difficult to access (manhole access)
  • Application of the repair solution in a vertical position
  • Possibility of local heat treatment (e.g. IR or halogen)
  • Possibility of preparing the substrate surface (e.g. soft brush, compressed air)

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