Challenge #58

Open Innovation

Unlocking the CO2 circular economy

Nuclear Industry



Dates of challenge :

  • Opening date : september 2021
  • Closing date : december 2021

Purpose of challenge

Orano is exploring new growth opportunities by leveraging its world-recognized expertise, materials, processes and cutting-edge technologies to meet the current and future global challenges of low-carbon energy and actively contribute to climate change.

Description and expectations

We are looking for deep tech start-ups developing disruptive solutions based on cutting-edge technologies help meet the challenges of climate change.

Expected solutions

Solutions that contribute to building a circular economy applied to managing CO2 emissions, removing excess carbon and converting it into valuable products:

→ CO2 Capture solutions
→ CO2 valorization solutions

  • Using CO2 to contribute to future net-zero/negative emission energy systems
  • CO2 reuse as input for feedstocks, fuels, materials
  • New CO2 conversion processes for the production of valuable materials

→ CO2 regeneration

  • Recycle carbon through the natural carbon cycle with bioenergy and store it


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