Challenge #50

Open Innovation

Virtual anti-collision detection

Nuclear industry

finalized Challenge

  • Opening date : october 15, 2020
  • Closing date :  december 15, 2020

Purpose of challenge

Virtual solutions allowing collisions of equipment underwater to be avoided.

Description and expectations

We are looking for so-called "virtual" (ie nonmaterial) technological solutions for the detection of risks of collision of fuel baskets, in their environment.

These baskets are handled underwater, in a pool, by an operator positioned on a bridge crane or by an automated system.
The baskets are immersed under 6m of water and are approximately 6 m high.

The solution shall alert the operator that the basket being handled is about to interfere with another basket or any other equipment. It shall detecta risk of interference on the 4 sides of the basket and across its entire height.

Where applicable, the solution shall trigger the halting of the movement of the bridge crane if the risk of collision becomes too high.

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