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By signing the Charter of Enterprises with Public Participation in favor of the emergence and development of innovative French SMEs (signed in December 2012), Orano is committed to consolidating and strengthening cooperation within the French economic landscape, and creating innovative "ecosystems" associating small and large companies. 

Orano's participation in the creation of the nuclear industry association GIFEN (Groupement des Industriels de la Filière Nucléaire) on June 22, 2018, whose mission is to support economic development, promote expertise and enhance the visibility of the nuclear industry, underlines Orano's desire to contribute to the development of the industry alongside other nuclear industry players, whatever their size - mid-tier companies, SMEs and innovative start-ups.

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A simple approach

On a regular basis, Orano launches open innovation challenges corresponding to practical needs on the ground and invites you to present your innovative solutions so we can meet these challenges together. Your proposals will be examined by a dedicated decision-making committee to provide you, among other things, with prompt assessment feedback.

The most promising candidates are invited to dialogue with the Orano employees involved in each challenge. If your innovative solution is of interest to Orano and you wish to have a collaboration, a suitable partnership is proposed.
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To shorten its innovation cycles, Orano is now working with a highly innovative ecosystem known for its agility: that of start-ups and SMEs. This ecosystem now includes 1200+ innovative companies in different sectors. 
Team up with Orano and benefit from the support of the group's experts to co-develop your new solutions (products and services) of tomorrow.

Orano transforms nuclear materials so that they can be used to support the development of society, first and foremost in the field of energy.

The group offers products and services with high added value across the whole nuclear fuel cycle, from raw materials to waste treatment. With a broad business scope from mining through to decommissioning, encompassing conversion and enrichment, recycling, logistics and engineering, the group's activities all contribute to the production of low-carbon electricity. 
Orano and its 16,000 employees bring to bear their expertise, their permanent search for innovation, their mastery of cutting-edge technology and their unwavering dedication to safety, to optimally serve their customers in France and abroad.

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