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Orano, a major player in the nuclear industry, seeks to share its expertise and is introducing "Expert voices". A series of podcasts to help people form their own opinions on nuclear power and the major energy issues of the day. The aim of these interviews, hosted by journalist Yves Decaens, is to inform and enlighten, bringing together both Orano experts and guests who provide a different perspective on the subjects covered.
Expert voices

Safety in the workplace: a major priority in the nuclear industry  

Laurence Gazagnes, Senior Executive Vice President, "Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)" for Orano and Mounir Boukil, Executive Vice President "Nuclear, Fossil-fired and Renewables Fleets" at Engie Solutions, discuss the risks inherent in plant operation and maintenance. With results to back up their points of view! And even if - in this area above all - vigilance remains paramount. Without forgetting the current COVID health crisis, as it unfolds in a context where safety culture is extremely strong. 

Recycling - a strategic asset for the nuclear industry 

Thanks to Orano’s unique technologies, 96% of used nuclear fuel is recycled. For more than 50 years, at its La Hague and Melox plants, the group has been processing recoverable materials and fabricating new MOX fuels. In France, 10% of nuclear-generated electricity comes from recycled materials. A virtuous circle which makes it possible to reduce the volume of the most radioactive types of waste by a factor of 5. Explanations with Jean-Michel Romary, Director of Nuclear Waste Management at Orano, alongside Stéphanie Kerbarh, Deputy for Seine Maritime and rapporteur for the Fench law on the circular economy.

Nuclear power, France's 3rd largest industrial sector and a creator of jobs 

Considering working in the nuclear industry? A career choice with a future! Hélène Derrien, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Orano and Evelyne Violleau, Head of Training for the French Nuclear Industry Association (Groupement des Industriels Français de l’Energie Nucléaire – GIFEN) and HR Director at Spie Nucléaire, share their view of a sector that represents more than 220,000 direct and indirect jobs in France. An industry which is recruiting, innovating and offering a wide variety of high value-added employment opportunities.

Nuclear power, a low-carbon energy and a powerful ally in the fight against climate chaos

Philippe Knoche, Orano CEO and François-Marie Bréon, Climatologist and Researcher at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, discuss one of the major challenges of the 21st century: how to effectively combat climate change. To help rise to this challenge, nuclear energy holds a number of advantages: it is controllable and emits very little CO2. It arguably has a major role to play in a low-carbon energy mix, along with renewable energies.
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