Orano in Uzbekistan

Orano is present in Uzbekistan via the JV company Nurlikum Mining LLC created with the Republic of Uzbekistan represented by the State Committee on Geological and Mineral Resources (GosComGeology). The company was established on December 3, 2019.
The joint venture  Nurlikum Mining  LLC is held 51% by Orano and  49% by  GosComGeology.
Carte situant TACHKENT Ouzbékistan

The scope of Nurlikum Mining is to conduct uranium exploration and mining activities with a focus on the Djengeldi area, at the heart of the uranium-rich province of Uzbekistan.

Over the 2020-2023 period, Nurlikum Mining is committed to conducting geological exploration, including drilling, laboratory analysis, modelling and pilot testing work to confirm the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of mining uranium resources from the Djengeldi area using the In Situ Recovery (ISR) method.

Approximately 300,000 meters of drilling and two pilot production tests are planned.
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Nurlikum Mining LLC

Khilola Khodjaeva Director, Legal Affairs and HR
Mob.: +998 (93) 381 08 01 - Office 504, No.29 Nukus str. Mirabad district Tachkent 100015 - Uzbekistan
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