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Orano has an established footprint in the United Kingdom built on over 40 years’ experience in the UK nuclear sector. Delivering the full range of its nuclear fuel cycle capability across the British Isles, Orano has provided and continues to deliver services relating to uranium, used fuel management and recycling, nuclear logistics, Pu management, engineering and nuclear site dismantling. As one of the biggest decommissioning markets in the world, the UK is strategic position for Orano.

Activity distribution

With on-the-ground engineering and specialist consulting teams in the UK, Orano also delivers local, hands-on support through its Projects Business Unit, and offers further value to clients through the extensive reach-back to its teams in France. Orano’s UK offices are based across the country near Oxford, Warrington, Kendal, Whitehaven and Thurso, in close proximity to the country’s major nuclear clients.

To find out more about Orano’s activities in the UK, visit: www.oranoprojects.uk

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Orano, a reference partner on the Sellafield site

Sellafield, in north-west England, is Europe’s biggest nuclear site.  Since 2016, Sellafield Limited has been a fully owned subsidiary of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Orano has a long history of support to Sellafield, starting in the1980s with the delivery of vitrification technology to support on-site High Active waste management. This relationship has now developed into closer operational support, where Orano has worked alongside Sellafield to share best practices to contribute to the planning and delivery of the site mission.

To deliver this unique support, Orano firstly held a position within Sellafield’s Parent Body Organisation, Nuclear Management Partners, and subsequently signed a further five-year assistance contract with Sellafield Limited in 2016, focused on the transition of the site from reprocessing activities to decommissioning. Orano is also a Lot 1partner for the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership, working alongside two major UK organisations, to contribute to the delivery of the Sellafield decommissioning programme.

Orano’s recognised expertise in managing the transition between operations and decommissioning, in particular at Marcoule and La Hague, is a valuable asset, complemented by extensive owner/operator experience for informing everything from nuclear operations, to waste and nuclear material management. For latter, Orano provides both support to  Sellafield on its Plutonium management programme and the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority as it undertakes trials and technical-economic studies to underpin its future decision on the disposition of the UK’s Plutonium stockpile.

major nuclear facilities and 2200 other buildings: these can all be found within the 2 square miles of Sellafield’s site, home to the most diverse range of nuclear facilities in the world.

Design, transport, fuel ... Orano’s other markets in the United Kingdom

Orano’s established engineering and consulting business offers specialist design and consulting services to the majority of the UK’s nuclear sites and clients. With a core business stream of nuclear safety, integrated with its full range of engineering services and specialist technical disciplines such as Human Factors and Shielding, Orano positions itself to support UK nuclear projects across the lifecycle.

This ranges from support to Nuclear New Build and design support to fusion, to supporting major decommissioning and waste management programmes through frameworks with clients such as Dounreay and Magnox.

Orano has a contract with EDF SA to provide enriched uranium to both Hinkley Point C and Sizewell B, and delivers uranium conversion services for UK power stations. Orano owns 50% of ETC, the world leader in enrichment technology.

Orano is also providing container solutions in the UK for the transport of PCM materials.

Orano owns 12.5% of PNTL (Pacific Nuclear Transport Ltd) which is specialised in the sea transport of nuclear materials. Created in 1975, PNTL has a fleet of 3 specially designed ships based in the United Kingdom.


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