The Orano group is a historical partner of the nuclear industry in Japan. Its commercial subsidiary, Orano Japan Co. Ltd., covers the front-end and back-end services of the cycle and is participating in the dismantling operations of the Fukushima plant.

JNFL’s and MHI’s equity stake in Orano

Orano has been a partner of the Japanese nuclear industry since the 1960s. For almost 50 years, the group has been a major supplier to all of Japan’s electricity companies. It was therefore quite naturally that Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) each acquired a 5% equity stake in Orano in February 2018.   


Orano Japan Co. Ltd, a historical partner

Orano supplies Japanese electricity companies with:

  • uranium ;
  • uranium conversion and enrichment services;
  • MOX fuel;
  • spent fuel recycling and dismantling services.
contracts currently in the front-end business, in Japan

KANSAI EPCO, KYUSHU EPCO, TOHOKU EPCO et SOJITZ have a stake in the Georges Besse II enrichment plant, in France.

In addition, TN Tokyo, a JV with Kobe Steel, supplies packaging and organises nuclear transport for nuclear power plant operators, research institutes and transport companies in Japan and in the Asia-Pacific area.

For more information: TN Tokyo

Anadec, a JV, jointly-owned (50/50) by Orano and by the Japanese group Atox, was created in 2014 to participate in dismantling the Fukushima nuclear power plant, damaged in 2011 by a tsunami. Its main aims are:

  • the development of investigative and mapping techniques to gain better knowledge of the particular working environment of Fukushima;
  • the development of robotic solutions that will accelerate the dismantling of difficult-to-access areas.
For more information: Anadec

RECO,  a JV, jointly-owned (50/50) by Orano and by MHI, was created in 1991 to supply the equipment needed for the RRP reprocessing plant after Japonisation of the design.

For more information: RECO


Contact Japan

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