Orano Mining: sustainable commitments in the field

Orano Mining, commits to conduct its daily activities in a responsible way. A few examples from our CSR reports illustrate this commitment.

Local Focus sourcing strategy in Kazakhstan

Today, over 76% of sourcing is done locally. Our sourcing managers regularly follow the market development and renew tenders to give opportunities to local companies to demonstrate their capabilities.

Mongolia: Supporting access to the higher education of the local youth

Badrakh Energy, an Orano subsidiary in Mongolia, is supporting students in Dornogobi Province by giving them the opportunity to study at university. This helps develop the skills and competences of the Province’s youth, and in the medium term, allows future company specialists in the region to be trained. Education is one of the priorities for Orano Mining’s community investment.

Livestock Reconstitution Project, Mongolia

Following a particularly harsh winter 2007, a livestock reconstitution project was initiated by the Orano subsidiary in Mongolia. The objective is to support herders neighboring the Zuuvch Ovoo project. Selected by the Local Cooperation Council, the herders receive 50 animals (goats and sheep) for a period of three years. After this period, these herders have the right to keep the newborns from this herd. They only return the original animals to the project, so that other families can benefit from them.

In Mongolia, Orano Mining is supporting the NGO FXB to help 100 vulnerable families out of poverty

The project launched by the FXB association in the rural province of Dornogobi in Mongolia aims to lift some 100 families out of extreme poverty by supporting them on the sustainable path to economic independence.

Water for the Aïr region with the NGO "Desert Wells"

Puits du désert rapport rse 2018
For a number of years, Orano Mining has been supporting the "Les Puits du Désert" [Desert Wells] association in northern Niger who are working to improve access to water for the local population.

Irrigation systems in the Niger desert: learn about the Irhazer project

Canal d'irrigation à Agharous
Discover how Orano Mining is contributing to food security by developing irrigation systems in the desert region of Agadez, in Niger.
gif achats locaux
Orano Mining is committed to contributing to the advancement of economic development in the countries where it operates through the creation of jobs and local businesses.

Ecological offsetting: a solution for biodiversity

Orano’s subsidiary in Mongolia is developing a mining project at the Zuuvch Ovoo site in the Gobi Desert. To avoid the loss of biodiversity caused by the construction of the pilot site, Badrakh Energy has opted for ecological offsetting by organizing the planting of saxauls, the iconic trees of the region.

Environmental protection: our employees commit

Sorting and collecting waste, planting trees in the compound, raising awareness in schools... In Kazakhstan, our employees are actively involved in environmental protection work.

Orano Mining is reducing energy consumption at its mining sites. How are we going about it?

Employees at the Somaïr mine in Niger continue to reduce their energy consumption: between 2017 and 2018, they drove down their electricity consumption by 6%, thanks in particular to the implementation of new improvements within their plant.

If you're a bat, it's ok to nest on a remediated former mining site

GIF chauve souris V3
Give the old mine galleries back to the bats? That's exactly what our remediation managers are doing.

Our R&D experts working for the environment with the Envir@mines Program

Understanding the evolution of groundwater / aquifers, projecting regulatory changes in our water treatment, working on the environmental footprint of mining waste rock... All these are research and development topics for our Envir@Mines Program experts.

Acting to prevent psycho-social risks

GIF Canada V3
In Canada, Orano Mining takes a proactive and preventive approach by delivering training and awareness-building activities for its employees.

Improving the radiation protection of our workers through preventive maintenance

GIF radioprotection V3
How to limit the number and duration of physical interventions to minimize our workers' exposure to ionizing radiation is one of our constant concerns. Learn about the preventive maintenance program implemented by Katco employees in Kazakhstan.

HIPOs: a new KPI for occupational safety

Identifying, analyzing and acting on the causes of accidents and events with a high potential for severity (HIPOs) is one of our priorities to ensure a safe workplace for our employees. HIPOs, a new KPI for occupational safety tracking.

Zeolites: treating water without addition of chemicals

Filtration by Zeolites: treating water without addition of chemicals
Orano opts for filtration by Zeolites: a natural, economical, sustainable and innovative process that can be used to treat certain types of water from former mining sites.

Mining makes way for forests or how Orano is successfully making the most of its land assets in France

Remediated open pit mine of Puy de l’Age (Limousin, France)
How does one go about converting former uranium mines into responsibly and sustainably managed areas of ecological land? This is one of the missions of Orano’s Mine Closure teams. To manage its estate of more than 1,300 hectares of forest land, the group has in particular opted for the deployment of a Simple Management Plan.

Photovoltaic power stations are being built on former mining sites

Solar energy is conquering some of the former mining sites redeveloped by Orano Mining: a fine example of complementarity between nuclear and renewable energies.

Young people discovering our careers at McClean Lake in Canada

Canada jeune
Young people from the communities of the Athabasca Basin in Canada are invited to find out all about our specialties at our McClean Lake ore processing mill site.
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