Update on the situation of the Imouraren mining project in Niger

Orano takes note of the Niger authorities' decision to withdraw from its subsidiary Imouraren SA its permit to exploit the deposit, despite the resumption of activities on site, pursuant to the expectations they had expressed.

Engaged in Niger for more than 50 years, Orano together with its partners, through its subsidiaries, contributes to the development of the country's uranium potential and to the development of the regions of Northern Niger.

Orano has always been committed to a responsible approach based on partnership and transparency, acting in continuous consultation with the State of Niger and local stakeholders, notably under the ambitious, long-term roadmap defined in the global partnership agreement signed in May 2023.

Current market conditions, with a favorable rise in the price of uranium, make it once again possible to consider bringing Imouraren into production. This being the case, and at the authorities' request, Orano had submitted a concrete technical proposal to the State of Niger, enabling this development to take place as quickly as possible.

To this end, the infrastructures have already been reopened since June 4, 2024, to accommodate the construction teams and move the work forward.

Orano fears that this decision to withdraw the mining permit for the deposit will have a negative impact on the economic, social and societal development of the region.

Orano remains willing to keep all channels of communication open with the Niger authorities on this subject, while reserving the right to challenge the decision to withdraw the mining permit before the competent national or international jurisdictions.


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