Claude Imauven re-appointed as Orano Group’s Chairman of the Board of Directors

Claude ImauvenThe Board of Directors of Orano has renewed the appointment of Claude Imauven as Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors.

Claude Imauven, who was appointed as Orano’s Chairman on May 14, 2020, said: “I'm proud of the vote of confidence from the Board of Directors with this re-appointment as Chairman, and I’m very honored to continue with the mission entrusted to me in 2020. The changes in the energy, climate, and geopolitical context are bringing nuclear energy back to the forefront. Orano is a major nuclear player that is developing technologies and expertise for the climate, the resource economy and healthcare. The Group will continue to have the full backing of the Board of Directors so that it can pursue its development.”

Claude Imauven is a graduate of the prestigious École Polytechnique and is an “Ingénieur au corps des mines” (state industrial engineer). He began his career in 1983 at the French Ministry of Industry and went on to hold several management positions in public administration, on the staff of several Ministries (namely Foreign Trade and Industry). His career at Saint-Gobain began in 1993 within the Flat Glass Division, where he became successively Vice-President of Industrial Policy then VP of Industry and Finance. In 1996, he was appointed General Delegate for Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Returning to France in 1999, he joined the Pipe Division as Chief Operating Officer of Pont-à-Mousson SA. In 2001, he became Chairman & CEO of that company and President of the Pipe Division. In April 2004, Imauven was appointed Senior Vice-President of Saint-Gobain and President of the Construction Products Sector. In 2016, he become Chief Operating Officer of the Saint-Gobain Group, a position he held until 2019.

He has been a director at the Orano Group since it was restructured in July 2017.


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