COP26: Orano launches a climate information platform

To coincide with the COP26 which opened in Glasgow, Scotland on October 31, Orano is launching the Climate Hub, an information platform for the general public on climate and energy challenges, on its website.

This online hub offers an educational and documented guide with multiple entries for internet users wishing to find out more about the risks related to climate change, the resulting environmental challenges and the energy solutions available.

While global needs for electricity are set to double by 2050, greenhouse gas emissions will have to drastically decrease if we are to keep global warming within +2°C, the goal set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change (COP21). In this context, increasing the share of low-carbon energies in the production of electricity is a priority in order to face up to the climate emergency.

Featuring testimony from recognized scientific experts, quantified analyses and educational content, the Climate Hub re-examines some not so well-known facts about the role of low-carbon energies – including nuclear energy, in contributing to the fight against climate change.

With nuclear and renewable energies, France has major assets at its disposal to enable it to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Climate Hub also gives internet users the opportunity to play "Go for climate", an interactive and fun experience to raise young people's awareness of climate and energy challenges. It is one of the first online games to ask the user to choose the best electricity mix to meet consumers' needs whilst limiting production of CO2, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Hélène Derrien, Senior Executive Vice President, People & Communications of Orano, said: "With this Climate Hub, we wanted to make our contribution to an informed debate on climate issues, making educational and reliable information available to the general public in the form of a variety of content on our different digital platforms".


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