Arrival of the MOX Shipment from France to Japan

Following their departure from Cherbourg Harbor, France, on September 8th 2021, the Pacific Heron and Pacific Egret safely arrived in Japan today.

Teams from the Japanese utility Kansai Electric Power Company (Kepco) have unloaded the cargo of 16 MOX fuel assemblies supplied by Orano at the Takahama nuclear power plant.

The British company PNTL - of which Orano and its customer Kepco are shareholders – was responsible for the safety and security of the shipment from departure to arrival.

Drawing on Orano’s 60-year experience in nuclear transportation, this 7th MOX shipment to Japan once again bears witness to the group’s ability to offer customers a successful organization to safely deliver MOX fuel assemblies fabricated at its Melox plant in France.
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