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Orano is co-developing an inflatable controlled atmosphere chamber to protect patients and caregivers

The Orano group, the start-up Air Captif and Cir Médical (equipment manufacturer for emergency responders) have developed in partnership, an inflatable controlled atmosphere chamber, designed to relieve hospital overloading in the context of health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Deployed in around 40 minutes, this device is an inflatable structure which houses a sealed chamber. The airtight chamber is equipped with a depressurized ventilation system developed by Orano, making it possible to guarantee static and dynamic containment and protect not only the patient but also the caregivers from the risks of contamination.

The structure can be easily installed by two operators. It is modular, reusable and can be deployed in multiple forms ranging from 2 to more than 50 square meters. Depending on requirements, the inflatable chamber can be erected in a building, a hangar, a laboratory, an aircraft or even a helicopter to isolate contaminated patients.

In addition to its application in the medical field, the system is suitable for use in sectors including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotechnology and electronics.

In developing the concept, Orano drew on the expertise of the Orano Projets teams, which specialize in engineering complex ventilation systems which are capable of blocking 99% of virus-sized particles.

Guillaume Dureau, Orano's Senior Executive Vice President of Engineering, R&D and Innovation declared: "In March 2020, faced with the health crisis that was hitting the country hard, we wanted to respond to the needs of healthcare services and the armed forces by designing a secure, adapted and robust system, stemming from our core expertise, that would protect populations, patients and healthcare providers. The Orano group affirms its support for the national effort and its interest in innovative start-ups, which it is proud to support in their development."
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