Live from the WNE

Orano is present at the WNE (the World Nuclear Exhibition), taking place from June 26-28, 2018, at Paris Nord Villepinte. Some 20,000 visitors are expected to attend the exhibition over three days.
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“Nuclear excellence, a new era”—what better theme for the latest edition of the WNE? As a French expert in nuclear fuel activities, Orano plans to capitalize on this international event to establish its new identity (formerly AREVA) and present its cutting-edge innovations for operational excellence and safety.

On display—virtual reality and augmented reality. Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to try out a driving simulator for a polar crane, an essential part of reactor maintenance operations. Another innovation to test is ‘VR in a case’. This is an all-in-one mobile kit for virtual reality, which fits inside a compact flight case. This solution enables users to deploy an immersive system to improve training and facilitate the way teams work.

For François Guiomard, WNE Project Manager at Orano, “While our historic businesses are well known among our contacts, some remain unaware of our expertise in terms of nuclear operations services, decommissioning nuclear plants, innovative applications in certain niche activities of the nuclear industry or even the medical sector.” The WNE should provide the ideal showcase to promote Orano’s expertise in low-carbon energies, supply security, responsible use of resources, safe and sustainable management of spent fuels and waste, decommissioning nuclear facilities and more.

In each of these themes, Orano develops high value-added solutions offering competitive solutions to its customers. For example, in terms of decommissioning, “Orano intends to promote its turnkey solutions, as well as its expertise enabling the company to respond to targeted calls for bids,” says Arnaud Gay, Executive Vice-President Technical Department & International Operations. Another illustration: managing spent fuel and waste also represents a major strategy focus. Orano is thus presenting its new methodology, called Real Alternative Valuation, which offers a tailored alternative to electric companies whose actions fit into an extremely long-term strategy. For Orano, all these initiatives arise from a single unified approach: to make nuclear an energy of the future.

WNE #DAY1 : live from Orano’s stand

Philippe Knoche, CEO of Orano, talks about our presence under the sign of excellence, in operations and innovation.
WNE #DAY1 - M. Philippe Knoche
© Orano
The WNE just opened its doors the 26th of June and was inaugurated by Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy. He stopped by the Orano booth.
WNE #DAY1 : live from Orano’s stand - M. Bruno Le Maire
© Orano

WNE #DAY2 : live from Orano’s stand

WNE #DAY2 - François Guiomard
WNE #DAY2 - M. Arnaud GAY

WNE #DAY3 : live from Orano’s stand

WNE #DAY3 - Adeline Auzou
WNE #DAY3 - Adeline Auzou - Digital Developments Manager at Technical & Innovation Department - Orano DS © Orano

Throwback to the WNE

Best off Video from WNE
© Orano

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