Tailor-made X and γ solid sources

LEA can adapt on request the activity and the geometry of catalog sources to specific needs. Here are seven examples.


Multigamma Sources

Multi gamma sources (gamma sources composed of several gamma emitting radionuclides) are mostly used for gamma spectrometry measurement purposes in laboratories. Their purpose is to calibrate the measurement chains over an energy range whose limits depend on their end use.

The most versatile gamma mixture is the 12ML01 mix. The 12ML01 mix generates around 15 peaks over an energy range from 60 keV to 1836 keV. The quantity of each radionuclide is chosen so that the counting rates of the main peak of each radionuclide are of the same order of magnitude.

The 12ML01 mixture can be used with all the previous geometries, such as:

  • Point Sources
  • Resin Matrix
  • Charcoal filter cartridges
  • Vegetable Matrix
  • Paper Matrix

Composition of the mixture

12ML01 60 keV – 1836 keV


Main rays

% in activity (indicatif)

Emission spectrum


320 keV




835 keV



122 keV

137 keV



1 173 keV

1 333 keV



1 116 keV



514 keV



898 keV

1 836 kev



88 keV



392 keV



662 keV



166 keV



60 keV


Any other mix of 241Am, 133Ba, 60Co, 137Cs and 152Eu can be produced on request for specific activities.

Example of other mixes


Main rays (keV)

Mix code
















81 – 303 – 356







1173 – 1332








122 –244 – 344 – 779 – 867 – 964 - 1408






Capsules for radiological ambient measurement monitors


Radiological ambient measurement monitors can use a capsule type radioactive source in order to continuously ensure the stability of the system. LEA produces this type of source with an added thread for incorporation on the measuring equipment.

The most requested sources contain 1.4 μCi (50 kBq), 5.4 μCi (200 kBq), 10 μCi (370 kBq) or 24 μCi (900 kBq) of 241Am, 137Cs, 60Co. The activity and the radionuclides can be adapted according to the final requirements.



Capsules (3)-détourée © LEA
Pictures of capsule sources with M3 thread.
équipement de mesure utilisant source capsule © CEA

Example of mesuring equipment using capsule source

equipement de mesure décapoté ©CEA
Measuring equipment with casings removed to see the control source.

Physical protection of sources


LEA can adapt the geometry of its sources for physical protection purposes. For example, for the installation of an anti-theft device.


Example in teaching: Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter uses a radioactive source which, for safety purposes, is attached to the system by a chain. The chain is screwed directly onto the radioactive source, via an M3 thread.


Source Tiroir © CEA

Picture of a Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter. The source, disc type, can be identified by the radioactive trefoil and the chain.

Crab ©LEA

Source used in the Beta and Gamma Radiation Counter.


Specific source holders


LEA can design and produce tailor-made source holders, such as:


  • source holders adapted to the verification of well detectors used by environmental analysis laboratories or the verification of dose calibrators used in nuclear medicine
  • source holders with threads to be screwed onto customer equipment.


All the gamma emitter radionuclides offered in our catalog references can be mounted on specific source holders.


EGSD © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Point Source mounted on rod, specially adapted for well detectors.

Wide area gamma sources


Our flexible manufacturing process enables us to produce wide area gamma sources with active diameters of several centimeters, for all gamma emitting radionuclides offered by LEA.


EGSC © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
CO60 EGS C source

Customer specific formats


Example #06A Pencil-type sources


In order to reduce the radiological exposure or to insert the source inside a well or a small cavity, pencil-type sources are an ideal solution.

Pencil-type sources offered by LEA have a diameter of 0.2 in (5 mm), for a total length of 4 in (10 cm) or 12 in (30 cm). The radionuclide (137Cs in that example), is deposited inside the cap which is, then, sealed with the pencil.


Crayon © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Pencil of 12 in (30 cm) length

Example #06B Filiform sources


Filiform sources consist of thermosetting resins in which the radionuclides are mixed. Resins are then inserted into a sealed container.


Most requested radionuclides: Mixture 3ML01 (60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs), 57Co, 60Co, 137Cs, 152Eu, 241Am


Most requested activities: 5.4 μCi (200 kBq), 21.6 μCi (800 kBq), 27 μCi (1 MBq), 81.1 μCi (3 MBq).


We can produce sources with all gamma emitters and mixtures of gamma emitters offered by LEA, for activities ranging from 1.1 μCi (40 kBq) to 1.1 mCi (40 MBq).


Source filaire ©LEA -Cyril Crespeau

Filiform sources for waste drums


Example of utilization of filiform sources : calibration and control of measuring system for radioactive waste drums


Filiform sources 29.5 in (75 cm) long by 0.8 in (2 cm) in diameter containing a radioactive resin 23.6 in (60 cm) long. Ideal for the measurement of radioactive waste drums such as 200 liter I 55 gallon oil drums (≈31.5 in [80 cm] high by 23.6 in [60 cm] in diameter)


Sources-filaires © LEA
Fût pétrolier © ANDRA
Example of a 200 liters | 55 gallon radioactive drum
Fût pétrolier1
Fût pétrolier2
Fût pétrolier3
Examples of insertion guides for filiform sources

Calibration and control of whole-body counting systems


Example #07A Source for phantom IGOR™


IGOR™ whole-body phantoms contain up to 130 polyethylene blocks of different sizes, for simulating different body builds from 26.5 lbs to 242.5 lbs. About 300 sources are needed to reproduce a homogeneous whole-body source term, simulating blood contamination.


Most requested radionuclides : 57Co, 60Co, 137Cs, 152Eu, alone or mixed (references 2ML01 or 3ML01)


Most requested activities : 0.003 μCi (100 Bq), 0.005 μCi (200 Bq), 0.01 μCi (500 Bq), 0.03 μCi (1 kBq), 0.04 μCi (1.5 kbq)


LEA can produce sources with all gamma emitters and mixtures of gamma emitters for other activity levels.



Sources-filaires-IGOR © LEA
IGOR-phantom © RADEK
Phantom IGOR™
2020_LEA_PACKSHOT_HD©CRESPEAU-5965 © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Filiform source for IGOR™ phantom.

Example #07B Sources for phantom RMC II, ACCUSCAN™ and FASTSCAN™


RMC II phantoms are designed for ACCUSCAN™ and FASTSCAN™ whole body counters.

RMC II phantoms simulate the binding of radionuclides in the thyroid, lungs, gastrointestinal system or the whole body, using 1 to 4 radioactive sources inserted in the appropriate slot.


Most requested radionuclides: 57Co, 60Co, 137Cs, 152Eu, alone or mixed (references 2ML01 or 3ML01)


Most requested activities : 0.003 μCi (100 Bq), 0.005 μCi (200 Bq), 0.01 μCi (500 Bq), 0.03 μCi (1 kBq), 0.04 μCi (1.5 kBq).


LEA can produce sources with all gamma emitters and mixtures of gamma emitters for other activity levels.


ACCUSCAN © Mirion Technologies
FASTSCAN © Mirion Technologies
Sources-filaires-RMCII © LEA
sources cylindriques © LEA - Cyril Crespeau
Cylindrical sources for Phantom RMC II.
RMC2 2Tv © Mirion Technologies
Phantom RMC II™


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